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In its most basic definition, cyber security is the act of safeguarding computer systems and networks against hostile assaults on servers, applications, and other electronic systems. This area is also concerned with the recovery of the aforementioned networks, data, applications, and systems after an assault.

The procedures linked with cyber security aid in the defense of enterprises against attacks that attempt to damage, access, change, or take information from the company's systems. Cyber security also guarantees that data is not corrupted and that data flow or company operations are not disrupted as a result of cyber assaults. Authentication, authorization management, and monitoring are all aspects of cyber security that are dealt with as well.

Ethical hacking is the act of identifying flaws in a program, system, or organization's architecture that an attacker may exploit to get access to sensitive information or to abuse an individual or organization. Security breaches are prevented by the usage of this procedure, which involves legitimately breaking into networks and searching for weak areas.

Skills Required to Become an Ethical Hacker

There is no one-size-fits-all method for becoming an ethical hacker. A Computer Science Degree, Information Systems, or Mathematics will provide the necessary groundwork for an ethical hacking profession.

Additionally, one will need strong problem-solving abilities, the capacity to work under pressure, and an aptitude to think outside the box. To pursue a profession in ethical hacking, one must possess an attitude of perpetual learning and evolution. On the technical side, one will require a solid grasp of a variety of programming languages, including HTML, Python, Java, and ASP.NET. Additionally, one should have a working knowledge of operating systems such as UNIX and versions of Linux.

A strong grasp of programming languages enables ethical hackers to quickly discover programming faults or vulnerabilities. Additionally, it will assist in establishing security solutions that involve coding and allowing task automation in addition to other coding needs.

A thorough understanding of the operational capabilities of operating systems, as well as the associated commands, can aid one significantly in their work as an ethical hacker.

Working knowledge of computer networking and cyber security principles is necessary for an ethical hacking profession. A prospective ethical hacker should be familiar with both the fundamentals and complex concepts of computer networking and data security. 

Why this course from EC-Council?

Throughout the course, candidates will immerse themselves in the realm of ethical hacking and penetration testing via rigorous lab sessions based on real-world situations. Additionally, candidates will master incident management and get rigorous training to become Security Operations Center, team specialists. Additionally, candidates will be introduced to network security, cloud security, and application security.

The curriculum is aimed to assist applicants in preparing for a variety of security certification tests, starting from beginner cyber security certifications to advanced certifications. Imarticus has worked with EC-Council to help learners prepare for and pass the certified hacker certification exam.

Through resume development sessions, interview seminars, and simulated interviews, Imarticus’ career services will assist candidates in preparing for placements. The curriculum includes placement assurance, which ensures that students will have assured interview chances at the conclusion of the course.


With the availability of cyber security courses online, it has become convenient for individuals to gain access to information about cyber security and ethical hacking.

In order to start your career as an Ethical Hacker, the benefits offered by the Cybersecurity Course are incomparable, so do seize this opportunity if you want to become a Professional Ethical Hacker.

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