Should You Do Masters in Fintech or Digital Marketing? Why?

Fintech and Digital Marketing are the latest buzzwords in new professions. These are coming-of-age roles ushered by the advent of the internet. Since the internet is the go-to medium for every geography and demography, creating the medium first and then the content has become a large and significant part of this eco-system.


The study of technology that is related to finance is known as Fintech. Fintech comes as there placement from the traditional financial services. This technology is dedicated to improving the finance sector. Now it has to be noted Fintech is being used in established organizations and startups to have a growth in their financial sector. 

Thus a person with knowledge of Fintech courses is likely to get a job over a person who only knows the basics of traditional marketing. Some of the subjects that are involved in Fintech courses are:

Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Advanced Analytics
Digital cash and open banking

Further, if you don't have time to learn in all these subjects by attending an institution,then you can always opt for Fintech online courses. Some universities like the offer these courses online which comes with a 15-week time frame. 

Fintech online courses offered by this university focus on important areas like implications,valuations, risks, and startups.

Digital Marketing

The use of electronics and the internet to promote a business can be termed as digital Marketing.  In this type of marketing channels like email, social media, the search engine is used to attract traffic. Start-ups who need potential leads need digital marketing at all cost since they have limited resources and are fixed with a tight budget.Some of the courses that are available in digital marketing are:

Website planning
Search engine optimization
Lead generation
Social media  and email marketing
Knowledge of Blog through Ad Sense

Choosing the Right Program for Yourself

Digital marketing and Fintech both have their USPs but if a choice has to be made, then going with Fintech would be a better choice. The things that you will get to know by studying Fintech are all related to future employment. Nowadays companies are in dire need of hiring professionals who know robotics or data analysis. 

There are so many digital marketers but a very few people who have the knowledge of Fintech. Over the next few years,Fintech will have some massive growth and salaries for this job will reach sky high. 

Some of the companies now regret the fact they have invested too much in digital marketing rather than paying attention to Fintech.  Big data management is very important since the internet is growing at a nonstop rate, for this knowledge of Hadoop is important which is again offered by Fintech courses.  Furthermore, digital marketing is not as difficult as learning Fintech. So concentrating on a tougher course is a good option for being successful later.


From the above points, the reader gets a clear idea about both the courses and which one is better. While one is ruling the present market (digital marketing) the other is likely to rule the future market (Fintech).

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