Should I opt for a cyber security certification course? Advice from the experts in the industry

cybersecurity course

Should I opt for a cyber security certification course? Advice from the experts in the industry

Cyber security professionals are in high demand these days. Why is that? That’s because every organisation needs cyber security. As we all know that most businesses are online these days, there is a demand for cyber security because online fraudsters always risk the system getting hacked. So, to make businesses safe, all organizations invest heavily in cyber security. As a result, having a career in cybersecurity is highly desirable these days.

So it completely makes sense for IT professionals in this field to have a cybersecurity certification course. But which cybersecurity certification course should you choose? Don’t bother; we asked this question to industry experts and hiring managers. They have been kind enough to answer these questions and share some industry insights. Let’s find out what they said.

The 10 Most Preferred Cyber Security Certifications 

The experts have prepared a list of the most preferred cybersecurity certification courses:

  • (ISC)2: CISSP — Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • ISACA: CRISC — Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control
  • (ISC)2: CCSP — Certified Cloud Security Professional
  • ISACA: CISM — Certified Information Security Manager
  • EC-Council: CHFI — Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator
  • EC-Council: CEH — Certified Ethical Hacker
  • (ISC)2: CISSP-ISSAP — Information Systems Security Architecture Professional
  • ISACA: CGEIT — Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT
  • ISACA: CISA — Certified Information Systems Auditor
  • (ISC)2: CISSP-ISSMP — Information Systems Security Management Professional

Now the question is what the expert opinion about these courses is. Well, to help you get an overview, the following section aims to answer some common questions associated with this field.

Expert Opinion on Cybersecurity

Here are a few common questions that will come forward while making a decision over cybersecurity certification courses –

  • What cybersecurity certifications are considered valuable? 

Well, the valuation of a course is a subjective thing. To elaborate, it will rather depend on a particular designation rather than personal choice.

According to some experts, a CISSP is usually one of the popular ones as it has broader acceptance across this sector. On the contrary, according to some, CISSP is a good certification, but it takes a long time to finish. Professionals could choose VSA19 [Venafi Security Administrator] and maybe land an interview. Also, it is low in cost and high in value. Even he did the same thing.

Apart from that, if you want to pursue a career as a network engineer, then CCNA, CCNP, or CCIE would be ideal. On the other hand, if you wish to be a certified professional ethical hacker, then there are various professional courses that you can look into.

  • Does having multiple certifications help?

According to some experts, it can be an advantage. Now, multiple courses represent the fact that you have expertise in different avenues of cybersecurity. Now, a point to remember here is that multiple certifications should be in tandem, not just some random courses you have taken.

Additionally, the idea here should be to choose courses that are in line with your education and area of expertise and give a boost to your career in cybersecurity.

  • Is experience more important than certifications?

Yes, experts are of the opinion that experience is more than certificates in some cases. The reason is that a certificate course only offers you theoretical knowledge, and it can be important for those who don’t have enough experience.

But, one cannot undermine what experience brings to the table. As an experienced professional, you have already faced different scenarios and found solutions that will not be a part of your course curriculum. So, in that case, you have learned more than any course can possibly teach you.

Having said that, you cannot just ignore the significant certification as it helps you to move forward in your career.

  • Do certifications help to get promotions? If so, which certification(s)? 

Well, to make a decision in this regard, you need not be an expert. Yes, certifications do help you in your promotion. To provide some context, imagine a scenario where you are working in a company as a cybersecurity expert for 4 years at a mid-level. Now, there is an opening at the senior level, but it will need a specific certification, which you do not have. Whereas one of your colleagues, who is junior to you in terms of experience in that company, has that qualification on a piece of paper. So, he gets a shot at that seat, whereas you do not.

To understand which certification helps you become a certified professional ethical hacker, well, you have to decide depending on the area you are working.


Building a career in cybersecurity in today’s day and age is a good decision. The field is growing, and opportunities are opening up. As a bonus, the remunerations are also quite handsome.

So, if you are planning to enter this field, then take up a cybersecurity certification course from Imarticus Learning. 

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