Salary Trends Of A CFA Analyst

A CFA analyst or any professional with the prestigious certification, is responsible for looking after the financial matters of their clients and their company. In the recent times, this certification has garnered a lot of importance and by extension, a lot of finance aspirants contemplate a career here. When it comes to CFA, the more information you gather, the better for you. One of the important things, that a finance aspirant looks for after knowing the eligibility criteria and the educational requirements, is how much salary does this field offer. So here’s a detailed breakdown of the various salary trends, offered in the different roles as a CFA charter holder.

It has already been established that this CFA offers a number of career options as far as the job profile is concerned. The salaries for these jobs differ by a tiny margin. If you are a Financial Analyst your salary will be anything between $40,801- $ 95,414 while other job options like Investment Analyst will have $44347-$117,280 as their annual salaries. Here, the professionals who draw in the most salary are the Portfolio Managers, with their annual salary going up $162,747. Whereas a Chief Financial Officer would draw a salary around $145,810 and on the other hand someone, who is the Vice President of Finance would draw around $131,700 annually. The CFA certification has global recognition, which is why the salaries are mentioned in the denominations of USD.
Just like in any other field, the salaries differ on the basis of the experience, a certain candidate has. While, the starting salary for a fresher, is anything around $51,050, for a professional with more than 20 years of experience, it can go up to $147,260. Earlier, it was only those firms who provided financial services, that needed a CFA analyst. But today, with the change in times, finance has come to the epicenter of all industries, which is why every firm is on the lookout for the services of a CFA Analyst.
The various companies that look to hire CFA Analysts, range from Contractors, State & Local Governments, Foundations, Hospitals, Private Practices, Companies, Franchises and many others. The salaries would also differ in terms of the variety of employers and the nature of the work. While Contractors offer around $50,400 annually, Franchises and other organizations usually offer the most, over $10000 annually. Just like the nature of the firm, its size also matters quite a lot, when it comes to deciding the salaries of their employees. If you are working for a firm with less than 600 employees, the salaries range from $100,980 annually, and if you work in a larger spectrum, it can be anything around $101,940, provided you are a seasoned CFA analyst. Another deciding factor is the company sales of every firm, this basically means that, if your company has greater revenue, you’d be paid big bucks as well. Companies which have a revenue of less than $500,000 in sales, usually pay around $70,468 whereas, those with an annual turnover of around $2 billion, pay their employees anything around $104,000.
These sparkling salary trends and the nature of the job, has attracted a lot of takers. As the CFA exam is considered to be really tough to crack, a lot of candidates look for the perfect institute to train them. Imarticus Learning is one such institute that have CFA Level 1 programs. They are a preferred institute because of the unique mentorship it offers to each student.

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