What is the role of a full-stack developer?

Full Stack Developer Course

What is the role of a full-stack developer?

Creating an application is one of the most common jobs in the world of computer science and IT today. There are plenty of coders out there who are adept at making different applications for businesses to thrive online. However, one of the most important missing elements that a lot of IT heads tend to lapse on is that of a good full stack developer.

A full stack developer is a versatile coder who will be able to master many different skills that are essential in building a company’s profile. It is their job to oversee the various applications – both backend and frontend and ensure everything runs smoothly.

 Why should companies get full stack developers?

Full stack developers are those engineers who will be able to handle the different work of servers, clients, systems engineering, databases and so much more. Based on a project and the end-customer, you’ll need a mobile stack, native application stack as well as a web stack. Full stack refers to a collection of different technologies that are used to complete a given project.

As every project has different requirements, they also need to have a developer who understands the various software used for each element. That’s where the full stack developer comes in. Their awareness and versatility make them a crucial asset to any company looking to scale up from a digital perspective. By having one point of reference, the heads of a company will also be able to understand the various aspects of the technology being used holistically.

The “stack” in an application generally refers to the range of sub-modules that are used in the application. These sub-modules combine together to achieve an established function without a real need for any of the other modules in place.

 What does a full stack developer need to know?

A full-stack developer must be adept at the different programming languages such as PHP, C#, Ruby, Pearl, Java and so on. Most of the core businesses use these platforms to build their digital assets and a full stack developer must have at least a working knowledge of all of if not full-fledged. The structure, design, testing, and implementation must also be taken care of. If a programmer chooses Java, then they must also be aware of Object-oriented programming, J2EE component development, and design as well.

A project for any product requires a strong database in order to sustain. Full-stack developers need to understand at least one or two of the databases and also know how to interact with the database. The most popular database is MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, Redis and so on. MongoDB is one of the more widely used internet products. Good knowledge of MySQL also acts as a great precedent to any project they’re working on.

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