Pursuing a Career in Finance: Top Roles in 2023

career in finance

Ensuring employment stability is a significant worry for everyone, particularly in today's fiercely competitive environment.

While there are no absolute assurances that every job will remain immune to downsizing or layoffs, certain industries have shown a greater ability to weather such turbulent periods than others.

One such field is the wide domain of finance. The finance industry has always been a dynamic and lucrative field. And, in 2023, it continues to evolve with new opportunities and challenges. Several sources anticipate that by the end of 2027, the finance sector will witness a projected growth, reaching a market value of $18.75 million

Hence, if you aspire to initiate a prosperous career in finance, then this could be the ideal opportunity. On that note,

Here is a detailed list highlighting the top roles in finance for 2023. 

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are essential in assisting corporate stakeholders in making wise investment choices. For the purpose of making the appropriate suggestions regarding investment opportunities, they analyse financial data, market trends, and economic indicators. Financial analysts are also in charge of writing investment reports and giving presentations. 

Financial analysts in India are currently thought to get an average yearly pay of INR 6,52,550.

Financial Manager

Financial managers are not just number crunchers but strategic leaders guiding organisations toward financial success and sustainability. Financial planning, risk assessment, capital management, and financial reporting represent just a handful of the duties entrusted to financial managers. Additionally, they are tasked with vigilantly monitoring an organisation's cash flow to guarantee the availability of adequate resources for fulfilling its commitments and operational needs.

In India, the typical annual salary for a finance manager stands at INR 15,50,000. Furthermore, the field of financial management is projected to witness a robust growth rate of 16% by the conclusion of 2032, surpassing the average growth rate observed in most other professions.

Investment Banker

In this complex world of finance, investment bankers stand out as the architects of major financial transactions. They are in charge of overseeing the portfolios of prospective clients who make investments across several businesses. Investment bankers offer their clients strategic financial guidance on diverse topics, ranging from capital allocation to restructuring. 

The average offered salary of an investment banker in India currently stands at INR 17,66,877 per annum.

Chief Financial Officer

The most coveted and prosperous career in finance is the role of a chief financial officer or CFO. Notably, CFOs are top-level executives responsible for overseeing an organisation’s financial health, managing financial resources, and guiding strategic decisions. From financial management to risk management and strategic planning, everything falls under the domain of a chief financial officer. Along with strategising the company’s financial health, they are also responsible for overseeing the financial department and mentoring financial professionals. 

As of 2023, the average salary of a chief financial officer in India is estimated at INR 35,67,938 per annum. 

To Sum Up

Pursuing a career in finance opens doors to numerous exciting opportunities across various sectors. Regardless of your passion for accounting, financial modelling, or financial planning, there is a position that fits your interests and qualifications. For individuals prepared to invest in their education and professional growth, the finance sector offers fresh challenges and promising career opportunities. Additionally, there are other online financial analysis course possibilities that you can look out for.

One such course to learn financial analysis under the guidance of industry experts is the financial analyst programme offered by KPMG in collaboration with Imarticus.

You will get to explore the complexities of investment banking, corporate finance, and private equity throughout this four-month financial analyst course. This programme further offers applicants benefits like career support, live online training, expert mentorship, certification, and more.

Check out Imarticus and get ready to pave an exciting career path in the ever-evolving realm of finance!

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