Predictions For The Future Of Big Data

While a lot of experts believe that there’s some great stuff in store for the future of big data, it is also true that technology will be greatly advancing throughout 2017. This is why there are a number of complex facets of big data, which are increasing by the day. Various attributes of big data, such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing, are believed to have a huge impact on big data analytics. There are a number of factors that exhibit the potential to change or more likely determine the direction at which big data is moving. For instance, there will soon be a number of customers who would replace the businesses, in demanding various amounts of data, to look for the cheapest hotels and understanding climate issues and similar concepts. There is a very acceptable idea today, of a reality where it would be the customers, the common man, if you may, who would be demanding personalized, tailored artificial intelligence technology, to suit their particular needs and demands.
While these seem like mere examples, with a tinge of realism, there are absolute chances of these becoming a reality very soon.
Ten years ago, all the data that was ever generated and accumulated, made up the highest denominations of storage space, which was namely Gigabytes or Terra-bytes, but the recent few years have made an explosion of data, into what is known as exabytes; this term roughly refers to billions of Gigabytes of data. This is where we derive the term ‘big data’ from, it is to denote the humongous amounts of data that has been generated, all over the world, in such a short amount of time. Regardless of whatever happens in other aspects of this field, one thing we can be absolutely certain of. That is, that data will be continuously growing, which means that soon there will come a time, when we will be talking about Zettabytes, which roughly amounts for a trillion Gigabytes.
Artificial Intelligence began its advent, as just a buzzword which was continuously used by sci-fi movie enthusiast and was mainly used to refer to technology only seen in sci-fi movies and the likes. Today, this term is no longer reserved for those, who are obsessed with technological gizmos, or those involved in science. It has very well become a part of our everyday lives, through various examples, like Google’s Allo, Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri. There are absolute indicators that AI has full potential of transforming, from something nice to have to very essential technology to have. There are so many changes and futuristic developments that big data can make today, as well as in the future.
One of the biggest prediction is the fact that big data can result in various advanced applications for fields of national security, customer behavior tracking, weather forecasting, HR, sports, health and so on.

One prediction is definitely going to happen, which is that big data will have a better, smarter and a huge impacting role to play in the future.

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