How an Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Work For an Online Conference?

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Artificial Intelligence and data science are the driving force behind most of the online conference tools available now. The more advanced the AI used, the better its experience is for the users. The advancement enables the user to have a more personalized and better quality video feed and experience.

Artificial intelligence and video conferencing

Already there is the option to replace and blur the background as per convenience. The use of Artificial Intelligence and data science in this arena is much more than that. Background manipulation is only the tip of the huge iceberg.

There are other features such as translation for those who are not familiar with the language spoken and it works either way when implemented properly. There is another possibility of transcribing the same to make it easier to understand.

The noise reduction in the background comes as another advantage where there could be distractions, especially when it is working from home scenarios.

All of these features make online conferencing more convenient and comfortable which is crucial at the moment. As work from home is becoming more normal than ever and online conferencing is the big ‘thing’ now, it needs all inputs from the Artificial Intelligence industry to make it simpler.

How data science comes into the picture?

Although Artificial Intelligence and data science sound similar, they are two sides of the same coin. While AI is the major force behind online conferencing, data science is no less important.

Data science comes in handy when the employee’s data needs to be analyzed. For eg, in order to find the ideal time for a conference, the log in log out time of the employees would be useful. By analyzing this data, a more appropriate time could be deduced where there is a possibility of maximum participation.

The chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence could also need the backup of data science to implement it more effectively. It helps to communicate with multiple users at the same time and reduces the call time for both sides.

Amazon has implemented these chatbots and has found success with the same. The users have also expressed satisfaction when it comes to minor issues which do not usually need waiting in line to talk to customer care. This is a perfect example of AI and data science in use.

Learn Artificial Intelligence and data science

AI and data science are raising the bar with their advancements and specializations. Its popularity and demand are at an all-time high with numerous job opportunities in both fields.

People are queuing up to enroll in an Artificial Intelligence course at any cost. Specializing in this area is fruitful for the professionals and newcomers equally.

Artificial Intelligence and Data ScienceStarting a data science career may have been difficult in the past but it is a golden opportunity for all right now. Unlike Artificial Intelligence, data science is more beneficial for working professionals to maintain and advance in their careers. It helps them climb the corporate ladder a lot easier than ever. Moreover, there are multiple branches in data science that one can easily choose the most appropriate for their career.

Wrapping up

Though data science and Artificial Intelligence were present in various aspects of life, the pandemic has made it more familiar for the common man. Online conferences are only one such aspect but the one that has made the maximum impact on everyone. There was a time when such concepts were frowned upon but the increasing use of smartphones and the user-friendly approach of such technology has made it possible to make online conferencing a normal and ordinary household term.

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