Power up with a micro-credential in data analysis with a tableau course in 2022

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Power up with a micro-credential in data analysis with a tableau course in 2022

Like W. Edwards Deming once said, “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.” Data is the future and the driving force of today. They say knowledge is power and data is knowledge. It is the information that reforms civilizations and fabricates unfathomable technology, propelling whoever uses the insights data extracts strategically into leading positions.

It is the fuel that is running the world today and building a scientifically maneuvered tomorrow. Data hold answers to the most complex disciplines and gives you the power to back your opinion with evidence-based analysis. In a world continually engaged in cutthroat competition, data is the only differentiator. The interpretation of data is a powerful instrument that steers every decision that is made today. 

What is data analysis?

Data analysis is a systematic approach governed by logical and statistical techniques that help in the extraction of insights via gathering, modeling, and inspecting data to pilot informed conclusions and factually accurate decisions. It helps you collect relevant information and identify the pain points to come up with viable solutions depending on your field of work. 

What is a micro-credential?

If you are someone who wants to upskill without devoting the time and cost it needs to commit to a full degree, then micro-credential is an option that will most definitely interest you. Devised to provide you with the resources be it theoretical or practical, micro-credentials cater to your specific requirements to advance your skills. Micro-credentials act as independent credentials adding to your academic merit. 

What is tableau

Tableau is an intuitive, visual analytics computerized program that helps in easing the process of analysis by converting big data into simpler and more accessible forms. It turns complex data into a smaller version that is easily comprehensible and gives accurate insights into the small data at the same time. 

With data at our fingertips, the influx of it has been high and businesses around the world need a system that is easier to operate while giving an interactive experience to the users. It has become instrumental in inspecting data all while giving a deep intuitive understanding of it. 

Why Tableau 

This visual tool has become an integral part of corporations and its easy-to-use design has propelled companies to expand their business using this software. Not only is it detail-oriented but also gives you an in-depth knowledge of the steps you need to take to augment your project. 

The success of corporations today depends on data visualization and examination. These prerequisites present your opportunities to practically apply your skills and create a promising career. As businesses expand, the inflow and need to explore and interpret larger numbers of data will increase. 

Tableau career prospects

Here are the diversified career options you can choose from after completing the course:

  • Data analyst
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Tableau consultant
  • Business intelligence manager
  • Business analyst
  • Business intelligence developer

Why choose a micro-credential in data analysis with a tableau course 

From the complexities of linear regression to linear discriminant analysis, the tableau course covers all the essentials you need to transform you into an expert in this field. 

  • Higher employability - As the world advances, data has become the oil that drives the corporate world into expansion. The demand for analysts to collect, clean, model and inspect data to give viable solutions in tandem with their augmentation plans has become a necessity. The program comes with guaranteed job interviews  opportunities apart from transforming you into an adept data analyst. Certification in data analytics course also helps you in upskilling and venturing into your own line of innovation.

  • Job-relevant skills - The course familiarizes you with theoretical as well as practical knowledge that ensures you develop job-relevant skills. Mentored and guided by industry experts and professionals, you get to participate in real-world case studies and projects.

  • Extensive support - The course focuses on the development of every single individual enrolled in the program and assists them every step of the way from preparing them for placements, workshops, mock interviews, and providing expert career guidance. 


Our micro-credential in data analysis with a tableau course covers the crux of the topic as well as its complexities of it so that you can provide real-time solutions to clients and establish a successful career in this profession. As someone proficient in developing tableau and extracting detailed cognizance from it, you can aid businesses excel and creating futuristic solutions for corporate problems. 

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