Ace your career with a machine learning course with placement in 2022

data science and machine learning course

Ace your career with a machine learning course with placement in 2022

Machine learning no longer remains an emerging field of AI, it has become a critical gear driving corporations across the globe now. Machine learning across all industries has become an indispensable prerequisite. With demand for machine learning increasing with each passing day, now would be the time for you to take into consideration a career in this field. 

Machine learning and data science

Machine learning in correlation to data science has been dominating the industry for a while now. So, how does machine learning help you? Machine learning dissects complex big data automatically. Machine learning automates the procedure of the exploration and inspection of data and is capable of predicting unforeseen data-backed judgments in real-time sans manual labor.

The data inserted is processed within seconds without the need for human involvement. Machine learning aids the fabrication of data models in a mechanized way and is further developed to formulate real-time predictions. This is how and why machine learning is an instrumental aspect of data science. 

Best way to learn machine learning

Machine learning can be complex but with the assistance of subject specialists and industry leaders, you can master the skills required to transform you into an ML expert. 

  • Leading-edge ML & AI Curriculum - Go for a course that is designed to provide you with relevant resources and a curriculum that makes you industry-ready. With an increase in demand for AI and ML professionals, opt for a course that will future-proof your career in this field. Your certification plays a significant role in endorsing your skills and having a world-class certification that is recognized globally is an asset you need to elevate your career. 
  • Campus immersion - As they say - your peers and teachers play a crucial role in molding and influencing you. Choose a course that helps you explore beyond the known and participate in opportunities that help you learn from an expert faculty and innovative peers. Having real-time interaction is an integral segment of mastering your practical skills. 
  • Participate in real-life scenarios - Indulge, explore, examine and analyze the problems ML and AI Engineers face while pursuing this job. Get a deeper understanding of real-world problems and learn how to address them by mastering job-relevant skills and the guidance of industry specialists. Get familiar with AI and ML integrated data science and acquire a critical competitive edge in the corporate world. 
  • A portfolio that stuns - Choosing a suitable course and specializing in the subject is the first step to success but the only way it will be etched in stone is if you have an impressive portfolio to validate your proficiency. Select a course that allows you to explore multiple relevant projects and work on them to gain real-time expertise. A supportive faculty that ensures that you get to handpick datasets best suited to your interests, lets you create an impressive GitHub project portfolio, and is an added advantage in enhancing your resume. 

Best Machine Learning certification 

The best Machine Learning certification is the one that gives you an insight into the real-world job scenario and provides you with cutting-edge resources to enable you to develop skills to your maximum potential, guided and mentored by industry leaders and subject experts. 

IMarticus’s certification in AI & ML has been designed to encourage the highest quality of learning outcome in collaboration with E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati. It is an extensive program spread across a tenure of 9 months and will help you boost your career in the fields of Data Science, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineering, and AI Engineering. This certification course has been specifically curated to enhance your rudimentary skills in AI and leverage them into carving a lucrative career for yourself. 

  • Real-world projects
  • Expert guidance
  • Diverse projects
  • Job relevant skills
  • Certification from E&ICT Academy
  • Flexible learning experience


Stand out of the crowd with an experience crafted to provide you with top-quality education standards and transform you into the most coveted AI & ML specialist. 

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