PHP in Modern Times: Is Javascript a Better Alternative?

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If you are a developer working on a webpage, you might face a question when you start. Which scripting language should I use? Is it PHP, or is it JavaScript? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. 

So, the answer to those two questions should depend on which type of project you are working on and which one of the two suits your abilities. While PHP is only popular among back-end developers, JavaScript can work on both ends. Read on to learn if JavaScript can become a better alternative to PHP.

What is PHP?

The PHP or Hypertext preprocessor is a scripting language focusing on web development. Originally the term “PHP” was an abbreviation of Personal Home Page. PHP focuses on server-side scripting. A PHP code can form an entire or a part of an HTTP response. 

PHP is simple for a beginner, but it also contains advanced features for use by experienced professionals. Apart from web development, we can also use PHP for multiple activities, like robotic drone control and standalone graphical applications.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programming or scripting language that implements various complicated features on a webpage. It is one of the three core technologies required to build a webpage. The other two are HTML and CSS. 

The development of JavaScript primarily focuses on client-side scripting. It helps create animated content and interactive maps, control multimedia and display updated content.

Can JavaScript become an alternative to PHP?

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Here we will discuss the various aspects and benefits of PHP and JavaScript and compare them to understand if JavaScript can become an alternative to PHP.

Why is PHP still so significant?

PHP has been here for quite some time. But it is still popular among the back-end developers these days. Here are a few reasons behind this.

  • Uncomplicated

The most common reason for the popularity and significance of PHP even today is its simplicity. The simple syntax and command functions make it easy to learn. With PHP, you don’t require extensive knowledge or experience to create a webpage.

  • Diverse

Another significant advantage of using PHP is that you can use it on any platform, Windows, Linux or MacOS. You can also use it on various web browsers. It also supports all crucial web servers making it easy to implement.

  • Availability

PHP is an open-source scripting language. Therefore, it is free. So, if you are a developer, you can easily install PHP without cost. In addition, you can access a wide range of PHP frameworks which have open access. It will cut down the cost for companies making it more appealing.

  • Reach

PHP has been here for almost two decades and has been the most widely used scripting language for a long time. For this, it has earned a lot of loyal fans and a large community base. Thousands of tips, tutorials and FAQs are available in the community that can help beginners and experienced professionals understand PHP.

  • Thoroughly tested

As it has been here for a long time, PHP is exposed to all types of real-life tests. There have been some bug fixes, and better versions were released. These tests enhanced the stability and trustworthiness of the language.

What are the advantages of JavaScript?

JavaScript is gaining more and more popularity these days. There are various reasons behind this. Here we are discussing a few of those.

  • Improvements 

At first, we used JavaScript only for front-end or client-side web development. It made PHP an essential tool for back-end or server-side web development. But this has changed significantly in recent years.

With the implementation of Node.js, Angular.js and React.js, JavaScript has become a full stack. You can use JavaScript for back-end web development now. So, you can now develop an entire project in JavaScript.

  • Speed

JavaScript is a scripting language that can significantly reduce the time necessary for other programming languages to compile. In addition, it also lessens the time needed to establish a server connection. 

  • Acceptability

JavaScript has been here for a long time, almost two decades. It has been one of the most popular web development languages for quite some time. In addition, it is simple to use. For this, all major websites use JavaScript. 

  • Server load reduction

JavaScript runs on the client side instead of the server side. As a result, the browser can validate data without sending it to the server. If there are any errors, the browser can update the selected segment to rectify the situation.
 These will significantly reduce the load on the server, making it work more efficiently.

  • Integration with other languages

JavaScript works flawlessly with other programming languages. For this, many developers use it to develop various applications. You can incorporate JavaScript into any webpage or script of any programming language.

  • Platform independent

Like PHP, JavaScript also is platform-independent. Any browser can comprehend and recognise JavaScript code with ease. The technology is available at your fingertips, so you can use your browser and create various webpage editing zones.

Comparison between JavaScript and PHP

JavaScript and PHP have salient features that enhanced their popularity among dev ops developers. We will have a brief comparison between these two languages.

JavaScript Features PHP
Fast Speed Comparatively slower
Requires effort in making more secure Security More secure by default
Full-stack (after the introduction of Node.js and other frameworks) and cross-platform Universality Back-end and cross-platform
More complex Learning Simpler
Large projects such as dynamic SPAs Best suited for E-commerce websites, blogs and other websites


After having a thorough discussion on the matter, we can come to the conclusion that with some minor tweaks, JavaScript can indeed become an alternative to PHP in modern times. It requires a few security measures to make JavaScript more secure. In addition, JavaScript has already implemented some additional frameworks which make it full-stack.

If you are interested in JavaScript, you can choose a full-stack developer course to enhance your career options. The Full Stack Developer Pro programme by Imarticus offers in-depth technical knowledge for front-end and back-end programming. We provide a job-focused curriculum and dedicated career service.

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