Now is The Time For Online Learning!

Online Learning

Now is The Time For Online Learning!

With lockdowns galore and in-person presentations a distant possibility now is a time to engage hungry eyes to feast on content online.

Online adult learning is not only a handy mechanism for sharing trendy information amongst colleagues

but also a quick way to get the newest styles on the market as soon as possible.

Slow is a no-go! The key is to optimize certain aspects of the supply chain for the trends to be designed and manufactured quickly and inexpensively and allow the buying at a lower price.

The 5 Essentials for Content that Flows

Let’s overview the 5 musts to grab learner attention.

Go Short - Mini, or Micro!

Short is impactful and micro is the way to go. Produce content with simple objectives and deliver mapped content in quick bursts. Shorts not only ensure easy access but also ensure the content is retained in the learner’s memory. Twice as effective!

Cover Only the Bare Essentials

Focus on your PowerPoints and cover the specifics. Use your assets, package them with an experienced SCORM partner, and add a voiceover to transform slides into a powerful eLearning module.

Chop-Off the Frills

A simple live-recorded video - sans the frills - can ramp-up explanations about the content, to make your knowledge nugget a runaway success. An activity to highlight what the module is all about and to prompt a quick response ensures the engaging module brings your team or your customers up to speed! A plethora of tools - through screen capture or otherwise - let you create and customize videos or you could always work with a pro to up it a notch.

Explore What You Have

Interactivity makes eLearning more engaging. Using existing templates for activities can reduce design and production time. Pop-ups, flashcards, and even journaling activities ensure higher content retention. You can even ask the learners to submit their reflections.

Show it off

Flashes of genius could lurk anywhere.

Discussion and forum platforms are a great place to display your nuggets. Not only are they an effective training tool for adult learners, but also a great way to drive up the level of interaction within your team.

Platforms could be synchronous i.e. everyone accessing the content on offer at the same time - a conference call - or asynchronous, access at different time slots – a discussion board.


Remember to build a thorough map of all the learning topics and the corresponding objective before you start! Doing your homework is the key to not spewing out irrelevant learning.

The only glitch is that some of the learners and entities might be hoarding on cash and saving for the future for all the uncertainty involved in the present situation. About time they value what they are and invest in people for a brighter tomorrow; after all, we wouldn’t have the COVID-19 blunder had we been trained enough.

In the meantime,

  • Go Short - Mini, or Micro!,
  • Cover Only the Bare Essentials,
  • Chop-Off the Frills,
  • Explore What You Have, and
  • Show it off.

Let’s be cheap and grab attention.

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