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For decades, a simple mindset was prevalent across the world that an MBA is the most obvious step to rise up the career ladder. Several business schools garnered a reputation hereof, promising a bright future for their alumni in the job market.

Students and working professionals hustled their way into these courses to learn core business values and network with the business world. All, to fulfill the most coveted goal of bagging top-tier management positions and earn a substantial income.

MBA online coursesAnd then came the Covid-19 pandemic and altered significant aspects of our lives, including work and education, seemingly forever.

In this article, we address pertinent questions about the MBA degree. Is an MBA still relevant? How to do an MBA online? Read on to know more.

Why an MBA is beneficial even in 2021

Post-Covid, the nature of work has radically changed. According to a study by Bain, businesses are embracing automation at an accelerated rate because of the improved accuracy and compliance and shorter process cycles (Even tech jobs are not automation proof anymore!) Similarly, outsourcing has cut costs by promoting virtual workspaces and scattered teams.

Under such circumstances, management skills are more important than ever because these are the only roles that cannot be easily altered. Managers who are in tune with the changing work dynamics are the links keeping the extended workforce together.

An MBA from a well-regarded business school benefits you by:

  • Aiding the development of advanced and flexible management skills
  • Helping achieve long term career success
  • Building proficiency to explore new industries or functions

Why should one opt for a distance MBA?

Whether to go for an MBA is not the question in the post-pandemic world. The real question is whether a spend of over $200,000 for a degree abroad, along with the loss of two years as an active professional in the current times, is the optimum choice. It might not be.

Let’s face it. With the pandemic governing our lives for the foreseeable future, a business school experience is just not the same anymore. In reality, even the most top-notch business schools in the world are struggling to attract talent and provide internships to their students.

The courses being offered by them still focus on business trends from a decade ago rather than adapting to the models that make sense for the future. Legacy is given precedence over innovation and that just doesn’t cut in the current world. To achieve long-term career success, being topical and relevant is important. This is why one should opt for a distance MBA.

How to do an MBA online?

Some of the best online MBA courses are new, experimental and offer a wide range of specializations pertaining to different management niches. Classes are conducted online with no on-campus requirements. Course materials are available 24 hours which means working professionals can take it up alongside their day job. They are economical, flexible, and convenient and offer the same advantages as a traditional MBA degree.

Here are some factors you should consider when choosing the best online MBA courses:

  • Make sure to get your online MBA degree from an accredited school
  • Do thorough research of the curriculum and faculty before enrolling
  • Understand the education dissemination format of the specific course
  • Compare tuition fees and schedules of your shortlisted courses


The pandemic may have significantly altered work but it hasn’t stopped us from seeking new opportunities. If you are looking to boost your career prospects in higher-paying jobs and better management roles while also averting the uncertainties of the times, then a distance MBA is the best choice for you. There are nearly 150 accredited distance MBA courses available to prospective students offering a variety of benefits and advantages.

A reputed online MBA course is generally  tailor-made for any working professional seeking an opportunity in the world of banking and finance.

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