Navigating through an investment banking interview: Top tips

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Navigating through an investment banking interview: Top tips

Many business students aim to make their way through the best investment banking firms, but this fierce competition makes it a tough nut to crack. One attempts to go for this when passionate about having a career in investment banking. But to navigate through this arduous path, you must have a good grasp of not only finance and investment but the skills of risk management as well.  

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An individual can prepare for all this through a specific course that caters to their requirement. A favorable one can be the investment banker course with placement like the Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional Course.

After acquiring the essential knowledge, the time arrives to crack the interview with a practical response to the questions asked, and to help you in doing so, here are some helpful tips;

Research about the Firm

It is of utmost importance to have a proper understanding of the company you are interviewing for. One of their main concerns is your awareness of their firm and its working procedure.

You must assure them of your loyalty and showcase the efforts that you have put into getting all the insights;

  • The firm’s position in the market and its values
  • A case study related to it
  • Recent updates linked to the respective firm

Apart from these, you can prepare some of your suggestions for the firm to upgrade its position in the market. 

Use more Jargon and Case study references in your answers

It is essential to let the interviewer know about your expertise in the field. To do so, you must exhibit your awareness of the technical terms and case studies while giving any examples, to present yourself as a scholarly professional. 

All this adds a level up in your selection process by making an image of you as a well-informed individual. 

Proper knowledge of Finance

The main part of the entire interview will be based on your knowledge of finance and investments which includes financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement), understanding of the financial market, corporate valuation, and several other parts. 

Most of the time, the interviewers are looking for practical solutions to their questions instead of theoretical answers. So, it is advised to prepare yourself in a way that portrays you as an asset to the company. 

Show your interesting Personality as well

Apart from your scholarly side, you must exhibit your interesting personality, otherwise, the interview can be a bore. In recent times, no one wants to hire a nerd but looks for a professional with accurate knowledge and a compelling personality that stands out from the rest.  

Small things like smiling throughout the interview, presenting yourself with confidence, and showing humility can sum up your personality as a perfect choice. Adding to that, a strong work ethic and good command over interaction with people can be a thumbs up. 

Do not avoid Logical Questions 

Many people forget to prepare for logical questions like brainteasers and mental math while focusing on technical questions. This eventually results in struggling during the interview which gives a poor impression to the interviewers. 

You can practice these types of questions in your free time and can make the most out of them. It will also help you in strengthening your memory. So, practice beforehand and be prepared for all that can come your way. 

To grasp a thorough understanding of all these, one must look at investment banking interview questions. Besides that, gathering as much information as possible from your peers will be beneficial for you. In the end, preparation is the ultimate key to your dream investment banking job, as it makes all the difference between the final candidates. So, work on these tips to bring out the best result for yourself. 

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