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Overview of the finance industry

The finance industry is dynamic. It is a critical as well as a significant segment in any nation. It includes asset management, insurance, stock markets, and much more. The finance industry worldwide has witnessed significant growth and transformation in the last few years. The Bureau of Statistics estimated a 5% increase in financial industry jobs between 2019 and 2029. The two main reasons that have reshaped the finance sector are the technological changes and the demographics.

There has been a massive increase in the number of jobs in the field of finance. In the financial year 2021 to 2022, the percentage share of the finance sector in job creation was 11.6%. An average annual salary of 50 lakhs is the top earning potential for a finance job.

A spurt in the growth of the finance industry has also increased the demand for well-qualified professionals. However, to crack the right job, you must not be confined to just a standard degree. To build a promising career in finance, you must constantly upskill yourself. One way to do this is by pursuing financial service courses. It will help you stay updated on your skills, knowledge, and market trends.

Today's finance sector has much more to offer than a few typical jobs. There are a variety of options available that you can choose from depending on your area of interest. Here, we have listed some of the most attractive options that can make your career in finance impressive and successful.

The rewarding career paths in finance

The finance industry is currently characterised by digital transformation and regulatory changes. There is also growth in the niche such as fintech, wealth management, and sustainable finance. A career in finance will grow due to a rise in interconnected global markets and the rise of startups. Check out the career avenues you can explore depending on your skill set and interest.

Investment banking

The job entails helping companies raise capital. An investment banker acts as a service-based advisor to corporations and provides them with advice. This includes assisting in mergers and other financial advisory services. It would help if you are comfortable working with the numbers. You will also require good analytical, communication, and other interpersonal skills to work with a team successfully. A certification course in investment banking can help you retain and polish these skills.

Asset management

The role requires you to act as a contact person for clients and oversee their investment portfolios. You should be an expert in handling funds such as mutual funds or pension funds. As an asset manager, you aim to maximise returns while managing risk. A relevant financial services course will add a feather to your skillset and knowledge.

Private equity hedge fund management

Private equity funds management involves investment in private organisations. The investment is done to improve the performance of the firm. This hands-on management sometimes requires managers to control stock purchases of companies. The company later sells them at a profit. One of the IIM Lucknow courses can prepare you for the intricacies of private equity and hedge funds. To master this career path, the courses from esteemed institutes will help you to acquire knowledge of fund strategies and risk management.

Corporate finance

A career in corporate finance requires you to work within companies. You will work to manage the financial operations, capital allocation, and budget decisions. You must be aware of the basics of financial analysis and capital budgeting. In your career in finance, you would be required to participate in corporate decision-making. You can opt for IIM Lucknow courses to prepare for the higher management role in corporate finance. A value-adding financial service course can help you land the position of a CFO as well.

Financial planning and wealth management

To build a career in financial planning and wealth management, you should know about financial planning, personal finance, and wealth accumulation strategies. Your job will include making financial decisions for individuals and families. You will prepare plans for their retirement and manage their investments. In short, your work will help people achieve their financial goals.

Prepare to take up a career in finance

The finance industry is now offering diverse and rewarding careers. While making a choice, connect with your interests. Think about your acquired skills and career goals. Align them with a career accordingly. It is essential to research before you choose a career. Also, find support in your network to understand the best fit for your aspirations. Understand that each area has its unique challenges and opportunities. To create a successful career in finance, pursuing a relevant finance-related course can give you an edge over others.

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