Most Challenging Things You Face in Business Analysis

If you ask the right question at the right time to the right team, then you are on your way of achieving success in the business analysis assignment. Over a survey conducted by many organisations on reasons why the project failed, one key answer featured over 95% of the time, ‘unclear definition of project’.
The role of a business analysis team, in any organisation is to identify business needs and provide solutions. These solutions can be of various nature, it could be process improvement, or some change suggested in policies. At times the solution could also be of a software development to better manage the processes. Overall the business analysis team needs to partner with the stakeholders and take a strategic initiative, in improving the performance of the project, thus overall impacting the productivity of the organisation.
Organisation environments these days are marked with complexity, and everything is accelerated, from communication to production techniques. This only adds to the function of a business analyst.
Some challenges faced in business analysis…

Volatile Nature of Business

Like mentioned earlier, stakeholders usually do not understand the nuances of business analysis. Hence they might keep changing requirements ever so often. It then becomes the decision of a business analyst, to decide the implementation of suggested changes. To analyse, if the change is due to external factors like change in government policy etc…, or is it because of an unclear vision of the stakeholders. Then a business analyst can always recommend a reschedule in the plan. Accurate articulation by the business analyst to the stakeholders is non-negotiable.

 Lack of Information

Most often a business analyst has to work with limited information from the stakeholders. This could lead to modifications at a later stage, creating a flow chart and building great interpersonal skills, from the business analysts perspective, could perhaps avoid conflicts in future.

Maintaining team Camaraderie

Like in any other professions, conflicts could arise between the stakeholder and the business analyst. specially during the implementation of a new project. This is probably the most common challenge faced by business analyst. The solution is that the business analyst objectively evaluates the pros and cons of a suggestion and properly present his thoughts, so that the differences can be ironed out.

Incorrect Requirement

Irrespective of the scope of the work or the size of the project, there would at least be 2-3 stakeholders you will be working with, as a business analyst, you will be managing their requirements. All these stakeholders will be from different teams and areas and will have specific needs and different interests within the business. There would thus be conflicting requirements and different outcomes that they desire. Hence as a business analyst, you will need to bring them on common grounds.

Customers lack knowledge

This is one of the most common issues, an extension of incorrect requirements, most often customers or stakeholders feel they know the solution to the problem, when in fact they have not even identified the core problem correctly. This becomes a big challenge for the business analyst to keep asking the right questions and coming to core, post which a path to reach there can be designed.

High Expectation

A business analyst has to take a holistic approach, feasibility of cost, design, resources, and technology has to be determined. After all, a solution cannot become a problem at a later stage.

Lack of Planning

For getting full user acceptance, and for testing purposes, time is required. A business analyst needs time for a structured walk through and to test quality issues if any. Usually, the stakeholders or the project management team is not on the same page and convincing them could be a daunting task for a business analyst.
So, a role of a business analyst is not based purely on technical excellence, application of interpersonal and emotional intelligence techniques, from time to time can eliminate major challenges.

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