The Impact of Machine Learning on Web Applications

As a type of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning is changing and reshaping, how people are doing business. Most companies are investing in these modules, purely because of the magnitude of the impact, it has on business. Machine learning is a big deal and is already impacting our lives in ways we do not consciously know.
Machine learning, as commonly known, uses algorithms to make computers learn on their own, without having to program them clearly at every step. Now, this automated analytical model helps find hidden insights to the new data, which might not be found, if the analysis was done with a traditional approach. For this reason, machine learning is creating a lot of buzzes these days in software development. Some also predict that it will transform the development process of a web application.
Read on to learn the impact of Machine Learning on web development

Data-MiningData Mining

Data mining techniques are used by enterprises to produce new information from the colossal pool of data. Web mining as a data mining technique is used by many websites to discover patterns and insights from the available data. Machine learning also like data mining detects patterns, however, machine learning has the ability to automatically program actions based on detected patterns.

Comprehend Customer Behavior

Machine learning capabilities are also applied on web applications to better understand customer behavior and to aptly engage the customer. An e-commerce website usually understands the products for specific customers based on their searches and can lead to better conversion related to a product. It can also use algorithms to better understand the features desired by the customer. Machine learning algorithms can also be used to communicate with the customer, analysing their queries and perhaps even connecting them with the customer service team, all in the name of enhancing customer experience.

Modified information

Social networking sites use this feature of personalised content for each user. Facebook most popularly uses, the machine learning algorithm to get personalised newsfeed for each user. Facebook essentially uses a combination of predictive analysis and statistical analysis to detect patterns, based on the content that the user reads and likes. Hence while developing web applications programmers can embed the same technology and deliver personalised content to users based on their choice and preferences.

Expedite Product detection

Large companies with online portals are developing machine learning algorithms to deliver smart search for individual users. These algorithms will assist the user to find the relevant products faster.

Mitigating Security Threats

A number of security firms already use machine learning technology like logistic regression which identifies mischievous websites amongst many. Similarly, some enterprises also use classification algorithms to identify phishing websites, based on criterion like domain identity, data encryption techniques etc.., this will make it easier for programmers to mitigate their web applications from evolving security threats in the future.
So overall, It is not only changing the way web applications are being developed but, the way they will be developed in the future. All these applications are aimed at and will enhance customer experience. Web programmers also have the independence of combining multiple machine learning API’s to further enrich the customer experience by offering faster and smoothers applications.

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