Love Ethical Hacking? This IIT Roorkee Course Helps You Develop This Elite Skill 

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Love Ethical Hacking? This IIT Roorkee Course Helps You Develop This Elite Skill

Cyberhacking is one of the top five threats to global cybersecurity. It is the process through which an individual with sophisticated technology skills identifies and exploits the vulnerabilities of any ecosystem. This is to access sensitive data or gain control of the system.

Professional hackers are responsible for committing some of the world’s top cyber crimes.

Their activities have pushed businesses, governments, etc., to invest in cyber security. This is where ethical hacking plays a major role. These people hack the existing system but for good reasons. These professionals are known as ethical hackers.

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Today, there is a growing demand for ethical hackers. In this blog, we discuss the role of an ethical hacker. It also includes how to pursue an IIT Cyber security Certification Course and its benefits.

Role of an ethical hacker 

As an ethical hacker, your role is similar to that of black hat or “bad” hackers. But you are the good cop in this case. You attempt to mirror the mindset of a hacker to anticipate their moves. This ensures that any system, network, application, or cloud is secure. By predicting the steps of a bad-faith hacker, you study the loopholes of a specific ecosystem. Ethical hackers effectively advise organisations about loopholes. Also, they guide them on how to upgrade their security systems. This ensures no security breach by hacking. With the right training, you also know how to develop and execute such safeguards.

Growing opportunities for ethical hackers

Today all types of companies hire ethical hackers. This includes IoT-based companies, law enforcement agencies, financial businesses, the military, government organisations, etc. Basically, any organisation responsible for protecting a lot of data needs cyber security. For instance, a financial organisation such as a bank hires ethical hackers. Because it is responsible for protecting a lot of data and financial assets. The systems can easily fall prey to cyber crimes. Learning ethical hacking helps you understand how to anticipate such risks. You can protect organisations' sensitive information and privacy by finding out loopholes. Ethical hacking helps you build a good, respectable career in this field.

Get exposure to all aspects of ethical hacking 

The ethical hacking field is constantly evolving. Each day threats are increasing. So, studying a six-month Cyber Security Certification Online Course is a good option. It offers both live training and classroom courses. You get access to online resources on demand. The course covers all the core aspects of cyber security. For example, Networking Fundamentals, OS & Security, and data forensics.

Check out if it offers classes related to ethical hacking. Some of the courses should have the following:

Cyber Kill Chain

Information Gathering and Scanning

Footprinting through Web Services

Social Networking Sites

Scanning Beyond IDS and Firewall

Vulnerability Analysis

Hacking of wireless networks.

Pursue a specialised course  

Ethical hackers need advanced IT skills. A generic Bachelor's, Master’s, or Engineering degree is insufficient. You need an extra course to develop specific skills. Investing in a specialised Cyber Security Certification Online Course is important. Go for courses that are designed by industry and academia stalwarts. Check out the courses offered by Imarticus Learning. It can be a stepping stone to this career. Ethical hacking is a major part of cyber security. Such a course equips ethical hackers for roles such as Information Security Analyst, Cyber Security Analyst, Security Engineer, etc.

Innovative pedagogy  

The IIT Cyber security Certification Course holistically offers training. Learners can attend live instructor-led sessions, engage in peer-to-peer discussions, and self-learn through a plethora of multimedia content. However, the most important aspect of the programme is access to live training projects, which test one’s abilities in a live simulated environment. Such a scenario can easily be replicated in real life when an ethical hacker’s role is to put safeguards on a system in real time when a threat is live.

In Conclusion

The top ethical hackers have their own fan base. It is because of the importance of their job. Professionals who successfully cultivate this elite skill can choose to work with an organisation in various roles. It enables them to protect the organisation's digital systems from external threats. Also, they can also choose to work independently and be their boss. The world is their oyster.

To know about IIT Roorkee’s Advance Certification Program in Cybersecurity, contact us through chat support, or drive to our training centres in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, or Ahmedabad.

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