Leadership Tips from the NFL: The Transition To CFO

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The business world is highly competitive; the cut-throat nature, fast-paced, and strategic approach puts professionals in constant need of value addition.

Have you ever seen the NFL? Can we apply the principles followed by players to business professionals?

Yes, pro football. The way the players train, act and appear is always under the scanner. These professionals have the basics right, are always focused, and are agile; they always work towards improvement in their skills to be on top of their game.

What principles of the NFL can apply to the business world? How can these principles help a Leader to reach the level of CFO?

The same principles of knowledge, focus and agility apply to the business world these days: a professional who wants to climb up the corporate ladder must remain on top of the game.

What tips can leaders take from NFL to become a CFO?


Basics here refer to an individual's personality and knowledge, which can make him the right fit to be a leader. A few of the basic requirements from a leader are:

Since being a leader entails making the final choice, leaders must be dedicated to principles and motivated by values rather than just looking out for the bottom line.

Leaders must be visionary to fulfil expectations since they are the ones the team looks to for direction as they go into the future. The effectiveness of the leaders' interpersonal skills is quite important as well.

Strategic approach

To be strategic, leaders must first comprehend the mission of their company. This entails a thorough understanding of the company's goals, its target market, and the precise ways it can benefit them.

Strategic leaders must then develop a vision of how that mission will appear at a particular point.

Finally, leaders must develop a plan to implement that goal. The plan should outline the actions a business must take or the adjustments it must make to get from its current to its ideal situation.


Flexible leaders can alter their leadership style or strategy in response to ambiguous or unforeseen situations. Additionally, adaptable leaders can evolve with the times. They can alter their strategies to consider fresh ideas and overcome obstacles while still reaching their objectives.

A young professional on the verge of becoming a great leader can adopt the practices employed by pro footballers of the NFL. Whether these players have a game season or the lean one, they are always training and constantly working on improvement with the help of a coach or mentor. Leaders of today also require working towards constant progress and getting upskilled.

How to select suitable strategic CFO Courses?

The first step towards upskilling your leadership capabilities is understanding the as-is condition. A leader has to use tools of appraisals to get a 360° view of the leadership style, which will help establish strong and weaker points for a leader. How juniors and colleagues view you is equally important as the higher management's views. This will help to ascertain the area where one needs to upskill.

There are various CFO leadership training programs available these days that help develop and upskill today's leaders. One such program must be identified where you get the exact tools and knowledge to polish your leadership skills.

Which program is suitable for Emerging CFOs?

Post-Graduate Certificate Program for Emerging CFOs.

Program Highlights:

Duration 1 year

Training Method: Classroom and Online

Days: Weekends (Sat & Sun)

A specialized finance curriculum developed in collaboration with IIM Indore.

for individuals with more than five years of experience,

Help to develop the strategic, analytical, and tech-focused abilities necessary to succeed in the CFO position.

Emphasizes financial technology, strategic thinking, Fintech, company valuation, and risk management.

Once you do the CFO training online, practical application of the same skills is quite important, and it may take some time before you reach the desired level to use those skills. You should seize the opportunity if you can get projects and case studies where these skills can be applied. Other than testing your skills, it is a great way to enrich your profile and build a targeted portfolio.

The right coach or mentor can surely be in a position to develop the skills you require and know the ways to target your desired profile. A mentor from the industry can be a great addition to your professional development journey.

Why is Imarticus learning?

Imarticus has a well-crafted variety of courses and a community of professionals from various industries. Besides courses, Imarticus provides a platform to work on different case studies and projects where the skills earned can be applied to different business scenarios. In turn, a portfolio of candidacy can be developed. A leadership role professional aspiring to be a CFO can greatly benefit from the mentioned course and our Industry experts. Have a look at Imarticus and browse through courses.

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