The Effective New IIT Program That Helps Working Professionals Graduate and Find Jobs

Corporate Training

The state of the sector

Statista Research Department's report shows that the employment rate for graduate students in India was 26% in 2020. This was up from roughly 22% the previous year. Overall, the employment rate for graduates was approximately 23%, which is low but consistent. However, compared to global norms, these numbers are low when it comes to a person's standard employability.

Demonstrating impact on the employment sector

Learning is a lifetime process. One should always be ready to embrace the contemporary, tech-driven culture. This happens by making learning accessible using cutting-edge innovation.

Many top institutions offer high-quality education by creating practical, worthwhile, and progressive programmes. However, there isn't enough employment in every industry.

Massive "Meta layoffs," which have been occurring for a while, are one of the best examples of such events. It is not just Meta—Amazon, Google, Twitter, and several domestic companies have also seen major layoffs.

How will we assist you?

corporate training

Industry and vocation requirements are evolving quickly. Imarticus has developed training programmes to stand out from competitors and grow and adapt to the times.

  • Our IIT online courses and IIT management courses provide adequate training, access to resources, and certification from our reputed institution.
  • We provide soft skill training, one-on-one mentoring, leadership development, and portfolio management to meet the needs of various sectors.
  • Through our IIT certification for working professionals, one gets exclusive access to untapped career possibilities through our specialised placement platform.

Why choose Imarticus?

Imarticus is India's first Edtech business to provide a holistic learning environment with an ecosystem of initiatives, assets, technology, and career services.

  • We provide a wide range of career training that advances one's profession.
  • Our step-by-step procedure will guide the career journey to help one realise their full potential.
  • Whether you are a recent graduate or an established professional upskilling, we personalise your career development programme to match your individual goals.
  • We provide our knowledge to ensure you receive all elements necessary to grow into a competent professional.
  • We balance academic learning and real-world experiences by heavily emphasising practical and hands-on education.
  • Our goal is to provide meaningful learning experiences to build tomorrow's leaders.

Our achievements statistics

We at Imarticus gauge our success based on yours.

  • We have a trusted student base of more than 10 lakh+.
  • Those hired through Imarticus have had an average income increase of 54% from their previous job.
  • More than 5,600 placements have been recorded across industries, including finance, analytics, marketing, and technology.
  • We have done well for the professionals who put their faith in us. 77% of our placements range from 5 to 10 lakh per annum (LPA) and 11% for amounts greater than 10 LPA.

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