Latest - Top 10 Innovations in the world of Fintech in 2021

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The term Fintech comes from combining the words Finance and Technology, therefore, the term covers all those companies that use new technologies to offer financial services. Financial companies are not the only ones to use this term, as universities and study centers are already offering many financial technology courses to specialize in this area.

The Fintech industry is growing rapidly, with more and more investment. Such growth makes it essential to understand how it works in order to take advantage of the opportunities it can provide. At Imarticus, we understand the important role of technology in every aspect of our lives and the big potential it has to create value and new products. For this reason, we offer different Fintech courses so that you can be at the forefront of technological innovation: MBA in Fintech and the SP Jain FinTech. 

If you want to know more about the programs and the importance of this industry, keep reading and you will understand why it is important to be in one of our Fintech specialization programs and the advantages of taking one of the best Fintech courses in India.

Here are the top 10 innovations in the world of Fintech. 

  • 1. Banking through digital platforms

With mobile phones and electronic devices, it is possible to access financial platforms quickly and efficiently.

  • 2. More paying options

Fintech also makes it possible for us to pay in a variety of ways. We no longer have to use only a credit card or cash, we can now pay with different services.

  • 3. Easier online payments

Thanks to the increase of electronic platforms and increased security, it is possible to make online payments much faster and easier.

  • 4. Cryptocurrencies

Fintech has helped to democratize the use of cryptocurrencies, as they allow you to buy and sell this type of virtual currency very easily.

  • 5. Digital insurance

As well as normal financial institutions, Fintechs also offer other types of insurance options in case you want to protect your resources.

  • 6. Blockchain

Blockchain is one of the great innovations of our time. It allows transactions to be made in a decentralized, transparent, and secure way so that anyone can see what is happening, making transactions fairer and more efficient. It is a distributed register that serves to store information in the form of transactions and is one of the basic building blocks for the functioning of cryptocurrencies.

  • 7. Big Data

Today we live in the information age. With the constant use of computers, telephones, and the internet, we produce an impressive amount of data that can be exploited to extract information and knowledge of value to any business.

  • 8. Fraud detection 

The fact of having technologies such as blockchain and data analysis makes it possible to trace possible financial fraud more easily.

  • 9. Internationality

By decentralizing financial systems, it is easier to make transactions or payments without having to rely on banks in any one country. Now it is easier and cheaper to send money or make transactions outside of your country.

  • 10. Service and customer service automation

It is possible to use artificial intelligence to automate processes such as customer service or other repetitive activities that are very common in traditional financial companies.

We have just selected some of the innovations that we believe have the most disruptive influence on the market, but you can learn more about this topic with our financial technological courses. Imarticus has some of the best fintech courses in India, you will learn from real-world experts all these innovative technologies and ideas that will help you in the future. If you want to know more information about the fintech courses, the MBA in fintech, or the SP Jain FinTech, do not hesitate to visit the Imarticus website to solve your doubts.

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