Is it possible to become an investment banker with an Online MBA?

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An investment banker at a high-profile company is a dream job. Getting an MBS degree from a top university will surely open a path in this way. Most of the leading investment banks look for eligible candidates at the top MBA universities and colleges. It means that it is possible to become an investment banker with an MBA so an online MBA is also valid. This is why the demand for an online MBA in investment banking is trending. 

Online MBA Program

An online MBA course may last for a few months to two years but the two-year will be more credible and recommended.

Here, we will see how to find the best online MBA course to be an investment banker and other tips. Before we see that, let's see the role of an investment banker.

Role of an investment banker

An investment banker is one of the key players in the financial department who is capable of identifying the risks associated with the financial operations of the institution. Acquisitions, sales, mergers, documentation of planning for the companies to go public, etc are a few of the other requirements of an investment banker job

It is a high salaried job profile but comes with high stressful situations and demands. If you can overcome all these, what awaits at the end is a bonus, extra remuneration, and faster career growth. It gives you an opportunity to stay in touch and work with the highest players in the financial world. 

How to become an investment banker?

Landing an investment banker job needs sheer determination to excel at the necessary academic and personal skills. Choosing the right online MBA course is the next step. It is important to choose a course that can offer internship, mentorship, and real-time experience while studying. While doing so, widening your network will be a bigger playoff. Both in-person and social or digital connections are counted. Getting a few years of experience, 1-2 years will definitely be an added advantage here. 

There are online courses for MBA in investment banking that give such opportunities. Courses such as MBA In Investment Banking & Equity Research by Jain University are a strong recommendation. 

To become an investment banker, most of the time spent at work will be in communication with the clients or institutions. Interpersonal skills like communication and decision-making skills are essential to being an investment banker. Technical skills and knowledge in the fields of accounting, finance, and mathematics are also necessary. A good course will cover all these departments. 

How does an online MBA course work?

These online courses like the JAIN MBA course will be through live classes, pre-recorded sessions, discussion forums, and self-study material over two years. There will be semesters and each of them concentrates on specific areas.

Students will be able to choose mentorship that is conducted over the weekends. This will help polish their skills in several areas and for getting proper guidance from the experts. There will be people who can guide you on the right professional path. Mock tests and other additional facilities are also available with these online courses. 


An investment banker is just a simple term used for a collection of job profiles such as Money Market Analyst, Global Finance Researcher, Financial Market Advisor, Corporate Banking Treasurer, Regulatory Reporting Analyst, etc.

best MBA online courseEach of these profiles is prospective high salaried jobs or the ones that open up better professional growth. Many of the online MBA courses have a part-time curriculum to suit professionals. SO, make use of this wonderful opportunity to boost your career on the right path. 

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