Is IoT Interoperability a problem?

If you think there is still a long way to go to meet and solve the challenges of the Internet of Things in today's networks, think again. We at Imarticus believe the challenge is here now, and it is time to start working on overcoming it with the skills you will gain through our Certification in Software Engineering.IOT 

Each day there are more and more companies and administrations that bet on interoperable systems, given their vast advantages. However, we must first look at what relationship exists between IoT and interoperability. To understand its relevance, let's delve a little deeper into the concept. Interoperability is basically the ability of different systems or their components to communicate with each other or exchange data and information, regardless of their manufacturer or technical characteristics.

The real importance of having interoperable systems is because they greatly facilitate the joint and orderly use of IoT analytics in the management of all company information. In fact, to have a secure, agile, and intelligent IoT infrastructure that delivers value, reduces costs, and is scalable, interoperability is key.

Interoperability: A key factor

Well now that you know a little more about the concept of interoperability, it is the perfect time to discover why it is a key factor for the success of the IoT and cloud computing. For starters, it's the technology that supports the transformation of the way we work, live together, and interact.

IoT platforms follow open architectures, capable of connecting multiple and varied components and devices. It should be noted that due to the continuous evolution of the environment and the characteristics of these cloud computing platforms, the daily inclusion of new applications and devices is easy. This type of open architecture makes it easier for the components to work together and to work within the omnichannel infrastructure of the company, aligning and synchronizing all areas of the company.

But not everything will be simple. The Internet of Things can develop in so many areas and finding so many applications that it may find in its own diversity is the main obstacle to its growth. As in an environment in which countless devices of different nature and technical profiles will operate (from household appliances to wearables, autonomous vehicles to drones, etc.), manufactured in turn by thousands of different brands (each with its own standards), developing the ability for all of them to communicate with each other will not only be a technical challenge, but also a matter of consensus. Therefore, IoT interoperability emerges as a major need for the development of the Internet of Things.

Understanding the importance of Interoperability

To understand the importance of interoperability, take the example that two IoT devices need to send any kind of information to each other and are not able to do so because they "speak a different language". 

To give a more concrete example, imagine you are traveling in an autonomous vehicle, and it must communicate with other vehicles it encounters on the road to coordinate its movements for safe driving. What if they could not do so because incompatibility between brands made it impossible to exchange information? In this type of situation, even people's lives could be endangered.

In Conclusion

It is because of this type of situation that interoperability is essential for the proper development of IoT and cloud computing. This is a problem whose resolution compromises the future of this technology, and which will have to be solved to allow its expansion.

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