Investment Banking and its Scope Explained in Simple Terms!

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The word investment banking conjures up images of big, rich people doing things in suits. But the reality is that it's a lot simpler than that! Investment bankers are financial advisors who help raise money for companies and governments by buying or selling stocks, bonds, or other securities on their behalf.

They also provide valuable advice on mergers and acquisitions. The scope of this industry ranges from small-time firms to multinationals like Goldman Sachs - so investment banking is quite a lucrative industry for everyone!

What is Investment Banking in Simple Terms?

Investment banking in its simplest form can be defined as "the buying and selling of securities- stocks, bonds, commodities, etc." Contrary to popular belief, however, investment bankers do not just make money by trading securities from their desks. This blog post explores the different aspects of investment banking, its working, and its scope.

- Investment banks are organizations that use their capital to buy shares from other companies or governments for resale at higher prices when markets decline or vice-a-versa.

- Investment banking's scope includes mergers and acquisitions, financial services like underwriting stocks and bonds, private equity investments, etc.

To get into the industry, the students generally take up standard investment banking courses, including MBA or finance courses.

How do Investment banks work?

Investment banks charge fees from companies to advise them on how to invest. In addition, investment banks research and provide advice for better investments in the future. This is done through financial analysis of companies and other data sources.

For those still doubting how investment banking works, you must know that it also involves advising corporations on mergers and acquisitions, helping with share issues like IPOs, providing assistance for corporate restructurings like leveraged buyouts, and securing financial bonds issuance and loans; compiling reports about the economy.

The Future of Professionals in Investment Banking:

Investment banking is a field that has always been in demand. Investment banking is poised as a high-growth sector in the post-pandemic era.

As an investment banker, you can pick plenty of transferable skills, which will be a great asset during career advancement. Investment banking can be a stepping stone towards bigger careers like entrepreneurship, wealth management, and venture capital.

As economies pick up pace post-pandemic, investment bankers help to scout the best financial opportunities. Another beneficial part of this job is that it doesn’t require a degree from any specific stream. Some go for banking courses after graduation, and others search for investment banking courses in India. There is a vast list of courses that can boost your candidature for the industry.

Outshine with Imarticus Learning:

Regardless of whether you have a graduate degree in arts, science, or commerce, you have a scope of career in investment banking, as long as you have subjects like Mathematics and Economics. If you want to pursue higher education for better employment opportunities, you can go for an MBA degree. You can access the live chat support of Imarticus Learning, where experts will assist you on what course to do for investment banking!

Imarticus offers a Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional course, which fully equips students with the skills required to begin a career in investment banking. During the program, the students learn job-relevant skills, get hired, gain industry certifications while learning through live virtual classes!

The courses offer 360-degree practical learning, industry-aligned curriculum, tech-enabled learning, tech-aided placement assurance, excellent industry connections, and networking opportunities—courses at Imarticus Learning stand out in-depth, expertise, and relevant new-age investment banking industry. For virtual assistance and investment banking course fees details, contact us today!

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