All you Need to Know about Python and being a Certified Professional!

Python Programming courses

Programming has always been the core of computer science and Information Technology. Every year millions of programmers graduate with degrees to look for employment opportunities. Therefore, the demand for programmers has grown exponentially, and the trend will not be out anytime soon.

Python is one of the most familiarly used programming languages and was released by Python Software Foundation in 1991. In a fraction of years, it gained popularity and was started being used as a programming language in various disciplines.

Python Programming Defined:

Python is an interpreted, general-purpose, and high-level programming language developed by Guido Van Rossum. Today, companies use Python for GUI and CLI-based software development, web development (server-side), data science, machine learning, drone systems, AI, robotics, developing cyber-security tools, mathematics, system scripting, etc.

Python ranks second among other programming languages. Imarticus Learning has some fascinating advanced-level courses on Python and data science, covering Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence using Python. With expertise in python programming, candidates can start learning advanced-level Python libraries and modules such as Pandas, SciPy, NumPy, Matplotlib, etc.

Python Programming Career Options:

Python programming coursesAfter a course in applied data science with python specialization, you can choose several career paths. Some are stated below:

Data Visualization with Python and Matplotlib: The profile is linked with extensive data analysis, which is a future for the IT industry.

Web Programming: As you know, python is a concise language; many things can help you build a career as a web programmer.

Developing Games: If you are passionate about gaming and wish to develop games as a career someday, you need to put in efforts to learn Python and how to develop games.

Analyzing Data with Python and Pandas: This allows you to pivot into data science.

Why Python for Data Science?

The first benefit of data science using python is its simplicity. While data scientists come from a computer science background or know other programming languages, many belong to backgrounds with statistics, mathematics, and other technical fields. They may lack coding experience when they enter the field of data science. Python is easy to follow and write, making it a simple programable language to start and learn quickly.

There are numerous free resources available online let you learn Python and get help from communities. Python is an open-source language and is beneficial for data scientists looking to learn a new language because there is no up-front cost involved. This also means that many data scientists are already using Python, so there is a strong community for better guidance.

Python is especially popular among data scientists. There are many python tutorials and python classes where the world comes together to share knowledge and connect. Countless libraries like Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib available in Python for data cleaning, data visualization, data analysis, and machine learning make tasks easy.

Build Career in Data Science with Imarticus Learning:

Python programming course

Imarticus Learning offers some best data science courses in India, ideal for fresh graduates, professionals, and executives. If you wish to fast-track your Data Science career with guaranteed placement opportunities, Imarticus learning is the place you need to head for right away!

Industry experts design the programs to help you learn real-world data science applications and build robust models to generate valuable business data. Students go through rigorous exercises, hands-on projects, boot camps, hackathon, and personalized Capstone project, which prepares them to start a career in Data Analytics. Send an inquiry through the Live Chat Support System and request virtual guidance to commence the transforming journey!

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