Introduction To Fintech!

Introduction To Fintech!

Fintech is the popular abbreviation for the term, financial technology, which is currently considered as one of the trendiest fields to work for in today’s digital age. This is mainly because of the fact that financial technology has the potential to revolutionize and bring in massive changes in the lifestyles of people as well as in the ways that they conduct business.

Those companies which work in the arena of fintech are usually involved in the offering of products and services, which are usually offered by financial institutions. But they are doing so by offering these very services by leveraging technology and thereby making them much more innovative as well as affordable.

The main reason for the field of fintech to emerge was the colossal amounts of cash that were being pumped into the economy in the past few decades. The purchasing power of people and disposable cash at their hands was growing manifold, which was what made venture funding and capital investments increase so very much at the same time.

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Best Fintech course is basically referred to as a broad term that is mainly used to describe those companies that usually apply cloud-based tools, open-source software, and other various kinds of technologies in order to improve the field of banking and finance. This field is considered to have enough potential to bring in a revival of the current financial system. This is why many regulators have been working to strike a proper balance between protection and innovation.

This technology basically is aimed at as a competition to the traditional methods of finance and financial services. Various electronic devices like smartphones and technologies like mobile banking, investing services, and cryptocurrency is services that usually end up under the ambit of financial technology.

It also involves a number of start-ups as well as various companies which are involved with finance and technology companies all of which are trying to enhance the quality of services delivered in the present times.

The definition of fintech is, “it is a new financial industry that applies technology to improve financial activities.” The main medium of work here is the internet, where all the services produced and marketed are supposedly functional through the same. The various areas in which you would find here would be insurance trading and risk management. There has been an increased investment for both the development as well as the expansion of this field in recent times.

The various startups that happen to be working in this field are Lufax from China, Square, Stripe, Zenefits, Social Finance, and Credit Karma in the USA and POWA Technologies in the UK, Adyen in the Netherlands, Klarna in Sweden, One97 Communications in India and Coupa Software in America and Funding Circle in the United Kingdom again. These are just a few of the many start-ups striving in this field.

This diversity of start-ups is one of the main reasons why there are so many professionals seeking to get trained in this field and get certified for the same.

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