How to Start a Career in FinTech?

January 13, 2018
How to Start Career in Fintech

A hybrid phrase Fintech, including Finance and Technology, is an exciting and a wide-ranged field, with great opportunities for employees to perform new tasks and make a difference in their skills. Fintech is revolutionizing how banks are conducting their business. Fintech is essentially a line of business based on using technical software to present and provide financial services. Fintech can be said to be a disruptive innovation, which is largely the domain of start-ups. Fintech has introduced the New-age banks, Crowdfunding, Peer-To-Peer Lending Services, Money Management Tools, amongst others, by making it more accessible to the professionals and users both. These new possibilities in the financial sector opened many doors and invited interest from start-ups to professionals looking for opportunities to start a career in Fintech.

Consider Fintech as a career option

Similar to getting in any new industry, picking up a certification in Fintech will give you an added advantage. You will also need to evaluate what roles suits, basis your skill-set. One thing is for sure, to pursue a career in Fintech it is important that you have some knowledge of either Technology or Finance so that it becomes a starting point for you.

The good news is that the Fintech industry is witnessing a growth spurt, hence there are many types of roles available, like project managers, data management experts, sales, HR etc…,

If you are a young graduate looking for a job, then Fintech is ideal, as it is known to be perfectly suited for millennials. As they are the first truly digital generation, Fintech’s sensibilities suit millennials.

Interesting Roles and Segments in Fintech

The hot domains in Fintech that are hiring include Digital Payments, Blockchain, Digital Wealth Management, Big Data Analytics Solution etc…,

Therefore technical capabilities like, fluency in programming languages like Python, specifically Big Data Skills, DevOps expertise, Experience in Internet Of Things, Machine Learning, will be an advantage.

Align with the recruiter’s Needs

  • Many of the Fintech start-ups are tech companies moving into the financial services place, hence it is FinTech Bannerimperative that the employees have fair technical capabilities and an ability to understand the financial concepts. An analytical and methodical approach to the thought process is what is most sought after by the employers.
  • Since the field is evolving, to stand out, having a broad understanding of finance and tech could make you attractive to the employers.
  • Since Fintech is usually a start-up, there are no structures and standard operating procedures in place, anyone who can thrive in an ambiguous environment, with the ability to change rapidly to suit the business requirement will be a definite fit.
  • Being Creative and a visionary, is synonym’s that go with Fintech, a personality which is alike, is said to be perfect for this scenario.
  • Professional maturity in-spite of a creative mindset is highly sought after.

Lastly, Fintech course by a reputed institution, which is industry endorsed, holistic in its teaching, offers experiential learning by experts from the industry, will not only ensure that you pick the skills and become employable, but it will offer you clarity on how to progress in the field. It will also help you network.

Imarticus Learning, in collaboration with Rise Mumbai, is offering a great course called ‘Fintech Prodegree’ created by the coveted bank, Barclays, which is known to be a global leader in financial innovation.

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