Innovate with Fintechnology: The pulse of financial technology courses

best fintech courses in India

Have you ever scanned a bar-code on Google Pay to pay bills with a single click? Or, have you ever accessed all your savings and bank accounts on one mobile app? That is FinTech for you. The term “FinTech” is an amalgamation of the words finance and technology and is used for a whole array of existing and emerging technological inventions aimed to help customers who have an advanced digital finance experience.

And not just for consumers like you and me but FinTech is also revolutionizing the financial processes for large institutions.

A FinTech company is any company that uses cutting-edge technology to advance, automate or reform the digital financial space including financial services and operations. The FinTech industry has had phenomenal growth mainly because it has leveled the power imbalance between small players and large financial institutions and banks. Because of this, financial technology has boomed into a coveted field of study for aspiring professionals. 

In this article, we will understand the pulse of the financial technology sector and also take a look at financial technology courses available in the market.

What is a FinTech Course All About? 

FinTech as a specialization stands on a foundation of data science, AI, machine learning, blockchain, and finance, niches that are continuously evolving. A FinTech course is as much a technology course as it is a financial planning and analysis course. In other words, a FinTech course incorporates an in-depth understanding of all the modern-age technology that is in use or has the potential to be scaled in the financial technology industry.

The ideal FinTech course covers all the key areas of FinTech — insurance technology, banking services, risk management, stock trading, and investments — along with the technologies involved like AI, ML, automation, big data, and analytics. Moreover, it is important for a FinTech course to also account for the latest industry practices and innovations, which many courses do through case studies and interactions with industry experts.

For example, 2021 saw a rise in the popularity of crypto-currencies which are heavily dependent upon the use of blockchain technology. Similarly, cybersecurity became extremely important for digital finance in times of accelerated data theft and online financial scams. 

Careers in FinTech

Some of the most popular career choices in FinTech are tech-based roles in asset management, cybersecurity, and analytics. These include roles such as blockchain developer, apps or software developer, cybersecurity analyst, quantitative analyst, and data specialists. Some of the non-tech roles include financial analyst, product manager, and compliance expert. Given the impact of FinTech currently, more and more firms and professionals are making a shift to the sector and positioning themselves for industry transformation and future growth.

FinTech Courses Online

Whether you come from a finance, management, or technology background, the FinTech industry accommodates all. If you are new to this niche, a good idea is always to build your credibility through certification. Not only does this add an industry-relevant skill set to your repertoire but it also shows your recruiter that you are adept with the nitty-gritty of the sector. A valuable certificate from a reputed institution is often the differentiator of a successful hire. So when you are looking for FinTech courses online, make sure to do thorough research on what all the courses cover.


FinTech is at the pinnacle of innovation right now and there is no better time to jump onto the bandwagon. This professional certification course in FinTech conducted by the esteemed SP Jain Institution is one of the most comprehensive FinTech courses online in the market right now. It has a balanced syllabus going deep into the tech and finance of FinTech and is perhaps the best choice to start your FinTech journey.

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