Incident Management In Cyber Security: The Basics

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Incident Management In Cyber Security: The Basics

Incident management, which comes under cyber security, is a crucial skill in today’s world. More and more companies are looking for people adept at identifying, managing, recording, and analyzing cyber security threats. In case of an attack, cyber security analysts must act quickly to prevent severe damage.

Needless to say, the skill is in high demand in the job market. In case you are looking to forge a career in the field, we have you covered. Here is a ready reckoner on incident management, its need, and importance, as well as information on online cyber security courses that can help you not just learn the skills, but also land a job. 

What is Incident Management In Cyber Security?

Incident management refers to identifying and managing a cyberattack, recording and analyzing the security threats because of the attack, and controlling such incidents in real-time. A company needs to act immediately in case of an attack to minimize the damage. The process involves extensive knowledge and experience in the field. Good incident management can prevent or reduce the adverse impact of a cyber attack. It can even prevent such an attack in the first place. 

Why is Incident Management so important today?

Cyber attacks can have long-term consequences for a company. More so, we live in a fully digitized world now, and it has become much easier for criminals to strike. With many people working from home, things like firewalls and antivirus protection have also been compromised. All this has led to companies looking actively for skilled professionals who can join their incident management teams. This has, in turn, led to increased job opportunities for everyone. However, before becoming a cyber security analyst, it’s imperative that you pursue a good cyber security course online first.

Imarticus Learning has designed the most extensive, industry-approved experiential learning program, called Cyber Security Training Online, especially for graduates. It provides guaranteed interview opportunities for students who complete the course. The requirement is a minimum of 50% marks in graduation in Computer Science/IT. To know more about the course, you can visit

Why do cyberattacks need to be resolved immediately, and what is the process?

A cyberattack could come in the form of an active threat or even a successful data breach. There could be policy violations and unauthorized access to data such as social security numbers, financial reports, health records, and personally identifiable data. So it becomes crucial to immediately take action and stop the attack. To counter the attack, a plan is made in which all the responsibilities and tasks are defined. The plan isolates the malware and the affected system, ensures a deeper analysis to identify the attack’s origin, and investigates the reason for the attack.

Components of an Incident Management team

The Incident Management Response team should have the following parts:

Technical team: It comprises the incident management security and IT teams.

Incident response coordinator: This is the person responsible for the management and implication of the plan with the team

Executive sponsor: The executive in charge of overseeing the protection of information and security.

Forensic analyst: A forensics expert advisor for the company

Legal counsel: An attorney representing the organization when needed for incidents and breaches.

The incident response team requires a lot of skills. The core team consists of technical staff who respond to incidents and defend the organization from cyber threats. These members execute tasks such as monitoring the network for security breaches and vulnerabilities and taking necessary measures.

In terms of team-building, companies seek out those in the organization who are knowledgeable about this critical aspect of security. 

If you are interested in learning about cyber security, Imarticus can help through its Cyber Security Course Online in which security experts work with you to analyze the different IT security processes and help you develop appropriate solutions. The course also ensures placements for students who complete the program successfully. 

You can contact Imarticus Learning through our chat support or even visit our training centers in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Gurugram. 


Incident management is a crucial skill when it comes to cyber security. It can minimize the adverse impact of cyber attacks and even prevent them from happening. Training is imperative before one becomes a cyber security expert. It is designed by industry leaders to provide the best learning outcome to aspiring cybersecurity professionals. It also provides guaranteed interview opportunities and extensive placement preparation. 

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