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The demand for MBA graduates in Fintech has been increasing day by day. Since the financial and IT sectors are growing together at a formidable pace, countless students are pursuing MBA in a Fintech training program to upscale their career. This degree guarantees a job interviews in such job roles as a Business Intelligence analyst, Financial Analyst, or Fintech specialist. In this article, we are going to learn the importance of doing an MBA from KL University and learn about different aspects of Fintech as well. g

What is Fintech? 

Fintech now plays a significant role in day-to-day life. It constitutes finance seeking to automate and improve any kind of financial services. Fintech helps companies to help entrepreneurs and customers to manage their financial procedures optimally. This automation mostly takes place with specialised software and algorithms that are in use on both computers and mobile devices. 

Fintech is an emerging technology of the 21st century that is changing substantially over the years as per its requirements. The term was primarily applied to back-end technologies in a financial institution. Now, it has evolved into a much more consumer-oriented service. 

Program Vision at KL University 

The MBA in Fintech program by KL University aims to provide in-depth knowledge in every perspective of Fintech. This 2-year course helps students comprehend the ever-changing dynamics of technologies that are evolving and have the potential to take over financial institutions and other industries. The program offers insights into detailed, strategic and hands-on training to solve real-life business problems in the business world. The program is best suited for people who have a finance background. 

Why Choose KL University for an MBA? 

The 2 year MBA program is going to help you take off your career to its greatest height. KL University is offering this versatile course to help you make a smart career choice. Here we have listed out the reasons why you should choose KL University for your MBA


  • Providing Industry-focused curriculum: To be a successful Fintech analyst, educational institutions must adhere to the industry-aligned curriculum for their students. KL University has kept that in mind and they are inclined to provide hands-on experience with leading technologies of Fintech. APIs, Blockchain and Cloud Computing are the main technologies that are incorporated into the curriculum by KL University. 

  • Prepares you for future challenges: KL University aims to provide students with a futuristic specialisation for their professional encounters. Preparing the aspirants with futuristic challenges can help the students get lucrative job opportunities because of their exceptional skills. 

  • The usage of Harvard Case Methodology: KL University uses the high-class Harvard Case Methodology to educate the students with impeccable problem-solving skills. It also immensely helps in decision-making for complex situations and analysing multiple outcomes for different situations. 

  • Summer internships: If you are learning a professional course, internships play an important role in your career. This helps the recruiters to assess your real-life analytical skills and whether you are a good fit for their company or not. KL University provides you with summer internships in leading companies across India that help them gain practical experiences using modern Fintech solutions to achieve business objectives. 

  • Eminent faculty: KL University has built an eminent faculty to provide their students with world-class education. The faculty tries to instil the skills necessary for the students to be an eminent part of the Fintech world.


  • Incorporating Capstone project procedure: Capstone projects encourage the students to interlink their projects with different forms of community issues. It also incorporates top-notch learning experiences with interviews and scientific observations. 

Career Outcomes With KL University

Once you finish your MBA program, it is time for the most important part: job hunting. Once you finish your MBA in Fintech, you need to find an appropriate job matching your credentials. However, your job titles would differ depending on the work you do for your company. Some of them are:-


  • Design and Thinking Specialist: In this job role, you need to design and define different interfaces, experiences, and procedures for multiple platforms to improve customer and employee journeys. The business collaborations define and implement various kinds of innovative products and process concrete solutions. 

  • Strategy Manager: A Strategy Manager or a go-to Market Strategy Manager helps to manage a service and product go-to Market strategies and procedures. They collaborate via cross-functional teams thus paving the way to ensure a smooth launch. 

  • Blockchain Strategy Manager: A Blockchain Strategy Manager aims to operate the entire section of a blockchain project. They make sure that every project step is in alignment with the product output as expected. They are also in charge of inspecting and managing the entire ecosystem of the concerned blockchain project. 

  • Head of Digital Transformation: The job responsibility entails agile and data-driven solutions through digital media. Digital transformation managers aim to achieve their strategic goals by incorporating different robust digital tools to ease the procedure. 


Fintech is the future of handling financial services with seamless technology. It aims to unbundle offers to firms and create new markets for them to function properly.  If you are interested to learn Fintech and learn financial services, check out Imarticus Learning's MBA in Fintech in collaboration with KL University. The program provides you with 100% placement records with more than 500+ hiring partners. 

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