Imarticus in the news: Best education brand in Analytics

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Imarticus Learning in the News: Best Education Brand in Analytics

In an event ceremony organised in Delhi, Imarticus Learning was awarded the Best Education Brand in Analytics, 2022. In its 5th year, The Economic Times – Best Education Brands 2022 had the attendance of eminent dignitaries from the field of education and leadership. The guest list included personalities like Dr. Ranoj Pegu, Hon’ble Education Minister, Government of Assam; Mr. KK Aggarwal, Chairperson, National Board of Accreditation (NBA); Dr. Anil Sahasrabudhe, Chairman, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

We, at Imarticus Learning, have always trusted the power of academics and education, and we are extremely thrilled to receive an award for being the best EdTech Company in analytics. Our achievements in the domain of analytics will inspire both students and new players. That will be beneficial for the collective good of society. 

How did we Achieve This Distinction? 

We have always been motivated by an innovative and collaborative spirit at Imarticus. This motivation constantly drives us to put extra effort into the development of courses of inclusive learning, which provide a great experience in person. If a student gets extra attention from the brightest minds, then they also improve their performance and become better with their skill sets.

We shall continue bringing newer and advanced concepts with the best analytics programs to our learners. We aim to become more than just the best education brand in analytics in India. Our aim is to create a platform that is accessible and helps the Indian youth to be ready for the professional field.

Mr. Nikhil Barshikar, the CEO of Imarticus, received a prestigious award at this event. He dedicated this achievement to all the students, faculty, staff, alumni, and partners of Imarticus. He thanked everyone involved for his/her unshakable loyalty and support.

This event organised by Economic Times brought together the best education brands and emphasised the importance of the role that the education sector has been playing. It has constantly been nurturing tomorrow’s leaders.

So, receiving an award as prestigious as this will only boost our confidence and prompt us to achieve greater success in the coming years.

Our Aim and Vision

India is one of the most populous countries in the world. Hence, the scope of the education sector is massive. Even though there are various prominent educational institutions in the country, they can only seat a selected few.

So, does that mean others will be deprived of a world-class education? Well, no, and the aim of Imarticus Learning is to fill that gap.

Our vision at Imarticus Learning is not just to become the best EdTech Company in India, but we strive to serve society too by providing an opportunity for everyone to access the course from leading universities and be ready for the challenges of the professional world.

Imarticus is a rare organisation that uses its aspirations to fuel the students’ ambitions by providing the highest quality of education. Our curriculum is approved by global academic institutions, and they aim to solve a problem. To elaborate, the focus here is not only on providing a course of study just to gain knowledge, but we, at Imarticus Learning, emphasise creating better professionals too who will solve critical problems in the coming days. So, our courses focus more on the application part of a subject rather than just its theoretical knowledge.

This award recognises our contributions to becoming one of the best and most reputed education brands in the country and also at an international level. That is why we are making a significant impact on the analytics sector with cutting-edge technology and a globally reputed curriculum.

What Else Happened at the Event?

The Economic Times – Best Education Brands event was a meeting and union of leading thought leaders who have been leading from the front in starting educational reforms. They have been contributing with both expertise and better financial setups in the education sector.

What’s Next?

In recent years, new and reputed brands have helped transform India into a knowledge sanctuary. They are developing individuals in the field of analytics. Analytics as education is increasingly gaining importance in the complete progress of India as a nation. The development of academic infrastructure will be the key focus in the present decade. In this situation, there will be an investment in academic infrastructure. Subsequently, the education sector will see much progress in the next ten to twenty years.

Speakers at this event also stressed the significance of encouraging pioneering institutes in the space of higher academics. An EdTech company like Imarticus Learning could help reshape the education sector and prepare the Indian youth for a fast-evolving world. 

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