How valuable is Scrum master certification for Business Analyst?


In the life cycle of Software Development, the role of Business Analyst is pretty essential. A business analyst is the one who gives the team a clear understanding of what the software needs to do. The other teams work on the specification provided by the business analyst. As the IT industry is adapting the agile framework, the demand for the Scrum master has increased folds.

To explain in simple words, a scrum master is the one who tracks the progress of the project and helps in removing the obstacles that the team is facing. Even though the scrum framework does not have any place for the business analyst, the BA’s are an excellent choice as scrum master. But how can a business analyst take the role of a scrum master?

The role of the scrum master is to make sure that the project is running smoothly and on time. They conduct day to day meeting and take the inputs from the team members about their previous day's work and understand what their current day’s agenda is. This may sound similar to the role of a business analyst whose job is to keep the track project’s progress and solve the obstacles that make come in the way.

In an organisation, the experience of the business analyst to handle the stakeholders plays a very crucial role in the scrum environment. The BA knows precisely when to approach the customer, the sponsor or the executive in the right time which as a scrum master is the key role in the team.

The Scrum environment is very collaborative. The job that the business analyst used to do alone is done with the help of the entire team in the scrum network. The Scrum master as the BA can be taken as the one who takes the lead in case of any issue and helps solve resolve the issue. In a Scrum environment, the responsibility to manage the backlogs in the product is on the product owner. In general, it is the responsibility of the BA to handle the backlogs. Hence, BA as scrum master can help guide the product owner in resolving the issue of backlogs.

Scrum is based on the agile methodology and just having the basic knowledge of it will not help. The certification course will help you understand the minor things as well as the overall idea behind the agile framework. There are certain ‘terms', or you can call them as ‘vocabularies' that the agile framework uses and can only be understood with the help of certification and certification. With a certification in the scrum, you will be an indispensable asset to the company that are adopting the framework.

With the organisations showing more willingness to adapt the agile framework, the business analyst alone will not help. A certification for scrum master is going to not only help you raise the career graph but also help the organisation with a skilled scrum person. The scrum master certification will help them become an important part of the team.

Before that also should have a look on the eligibility criteria for Agile Scrum master certification.The skills of a business analyst are very much required in the scrum master, and the certification will help you and the organisation both. The certification can help you make your organisation understand that you not only understand the agile framework but are also capable of using it to help the company.

For people who are willing to learn the scrum methodology, Imarticus learning is the leading institute that provides the certification for the same and helps grow the individual in their career with the Scrum certification and broaden their career opportunities.

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