How to prepare for placement after your cybersecurity training

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How to prepare for placement after your cybersecurity training

The arena of Cybersecurity is expanding incredibly. After the Covid-19 Pandemic, organisations, and start-ups have realised the importance of safeguarding a Computer system as well as a network from cyberattacks. These cyberattacks may lead to the exposure of sensitive information of a company. They can also sabotage and alter various data. There are various kinds of cyber threats like viruses, worms, malware, etc. 

Hence, job opportunities in the Cybersecurity field are increasing. Companies are offering high salaries along with lucrative benefits to Cybersecurity Specialists. However,  to bag such a top-notch job you need to prepare yourself well for the placement. The completion of a cybersecurity online training course is followed by a placement round. This article will precisely prepare you for your placement round. 

What are the various Cybersecurity job roles one can apply for?

There are different kinds of roles one can hold as a Cybersecurity specialist. One can choose their roles according to their interest and ability. Here is a list of jobs one can take up as a Cybersecurity specialist: 

  • Security Architect
  • Security Analyst
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Security Consultant
  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Cryptography
  • Information Security Manager

These are a few available job positions for Cybersecurity specialists. Each position has a different and unique job role. So, prepare yourself for those roles in which you have your forte. 

What is the average salary of Cyber Security personnel?

Cybersecurity employees receive one of the highest remunerations. In India, the average salary of a Cybersecurity specialist is around INR 7,76,000 per year. Hence, a career as a Cybersecurity specialist is promising and has ample job vacancies.

How can one prepare themselves for the Placement?

To get a promising job, one needs to prepare themselves for the placement. Interviewers at times might ask some tricky questions during the interview. Hence, it is important to prepare oneself thoroughly. Here are a few tips a student must follow: 

  1. Stay updated with the latest cybersecurity news

To be a successful Cybersecurity specialist one needs to keep themselves updated with the latest trends. These top trends usually take place in the technological sector. Cybersecurity news, the latest trends, and devices are available on the internet. Linked In, Facebook, Google, etc are a few trustworthy sources for tech news. This acquired knowledge will assist you to answer all kinds of tricky questions by the interviewers. 

  1. Use capture-the-flag (CTF) games to polish your abilities

One can upgrade their cybersecurity skills like hacking, cryptography, and retrieval of data with the help of capture-the-flag (CTF) games. These games are easily available online and one can access them easily. Practicing Your cybersecurity skills will make you more optimistic and you can easily ace your placement interview. 

  1. Learn computer programming

Learning programming is one of the most vital tasks for a cybersecurity specialist. One ought to know Computer Languages like Python, C, JavaScript, HTML, etc. Practicing these languages daily will make your placement procedure easier. To learn more about coding, get yourself enrolled in an online computing programming course. 

  1. Work on a second computer

Working on a second computer will help you to enrich the basics of cybersecurity. You need a second computer as most of the materials of cybersecurity are available online. To function properly the computer must have operating systems like BSD, Linux, Qubes OS, etc. Subsequently, you can install an Arduino board and turn any command into an output. While practicing your skills make sure that you have connected your network to a computer security system.

  1. Interact with Cybersecurity Specialists 

One can interact with a Cybersecurity Specialist at various technological events and even at clubs. Talking to a Cybersecurity Specialist will help you to understand the career path better and they can even resolve a few of your queries.

  1. Learn basic ethics and integrity

If you are willing to pursue Cybersecurity as your career alternative then you must understand the need of having basic ethics and integrity. In a workplace, one must behave formally. Therefore, must also regulate their social media posts so that it does not create any chaos later on. 

  1. Exclusive knowledge of other disciplines is essential

If you are willing to be a Cybersecurity specialist then you should also have proficiency in other disciplines. Hence, you should learn economics, psychology, data science, etc. This will help you to crack any kind of interview and will help you to become an influential Cybersecurity specialist. 


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