How To Enrol for an Online Software Engineering Course

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There are many institutes offering online software engineering courses. The course offered by Imarticus Learning provides hands-on experience and prepares students for real-world projects. 

Get Certified in Software Engineering For Cloud, Blockchain and IoT

Imarticus Learning offers certification in software engineering. The course is designed for students with a bachelor's degree in engineering. Imarticus offers online training to all students. To enrol for the course, follow the steps given below. 


  • Step 1: Open Imarticus Learning's website and select "certification in software engineering" from the programs menu. 
  • Step 2: Read through the course description and click on "Apply Now".
  • Step 3: You will need to provide personal information like your name, a valid phone number and email address. 
  • Step 4: Select a convenient time to receive calls from Imarticus Learning. 
  • Step 5: Once you accept Imarticus Learning's terms and conditions and click "Next", you will be redirected to a page. Here you will be asked to add information relevant to the course.
  • Step 6: Select your qualifications, professional experience, what job function you are seeking and your expected salary range. You can also add the URL to your LinkedIn profile. 
  • Step 7: Submit all details and complete your application. Imarticus Learning will give you a call to discuss your enrollment. 

The enrollment process in the online software engineering course is quite simple. Once your application is accepted, you will be provided with the schedule for classes and course material. 

The certification course in software engineering at Imarticus Learning is in collaboration with IIT Guwahati and E&ICT Academy. Live sessions are available for 8 hours each week and are conducted by academicians closely associated with the industry. Students are given 15 assignments and 6 projects which are based on real industry requirements. This program is for 9 months and includes specializations in Cloud, Blockchain and IoT. It opens a world of job opportunities. A student graduating from Imarticus Learning can go on to become a successful Cloud DevOps engineer

Why should you enrol in an online software engineering course?

Take a look at the following points to know why you should opt for an online software engineering course.


  • Impressive Job Opportunities

The software engineering industry is booming. Therefore there are many job opportunities. Students graduating with a certificate in software engineering will be able to sit for interviews with various companies and they are bound to get placed. 

  • Teamwork

Software engineering is not a job for just one person. Most aspects of this field involve a team of professionals. Online software engineering courses with projects help to encourage students to participate in teams and build their skills accordingly. For those who prefer collaborating and working in groups, this is a great career choice. 

  • Scope for Advancement

Since technology and computer applications are constantly evolving, software engineering has a vast scope of advancement. A software engineer or a Cloud DevOps engineer can build information systems, strengthen cyber security, or even work on creating the company's website.

  • Development of Troubleshooting Skills

A software engineering course teaches students to troubleshoot as this is an essential part of the job. While it is great to build and use new software applications, students need to learn how to solve problems. Most companies look for candidates who are skilled in troubleshooting. To troubleshoot, software engineers need to take the application apart and get to the root cause of the problem. The ability to do this efficiently is highly valued in the industry. 

  • High Pay 

Software engineers are well paid. Since there is a high demand for software engineers, companies are willing to pay a lot for new hires. The pay package is especially lucrative for software engineers who have completed specialized courses in a particular field. 

Certification in software engineering from Imarticus Learning teaches new-age software skills to students. It is ideal for the current demands of the industry. 

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