How to choose the right course to become a financial analyst

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The finance industry has finally understood the power of data analysis in making better decisions. Many young individuals are now planning to become financial analysts for reputed organizations. To become a financial analyst, you will have to possess several skills and competencies. There are a plethora of finance-related courses, and you have to choose the right one. Read on to know how to become a financial analyst for a reputed organization. 

Why go for an online professional degree?

Many young enthusiasts believe that an institutional degree is enough to get into the industry. For becoming a financial analyst, an academic background in math, accounts, or finance is appreciated. However, you will still not be job-ready even after a traditional degree. A traditional degree will focus on theoretical concepts and not on industry skills. It is why many students look for a CFA course in India that can help them get an industry-recognized certification. 

Young aspirants looking for a CFA course in India should try the FAP (Financial Analysis Prodegree). We at Imarticus Learning, offer the best professional course for aspiring financial analysts. A professional degree/program makes you job-ready by teaching your industry practices and skills. Let us see how our FAP course has everything to help you become a financial analyst. 

Industry-recognized certification 

Many students go for certification courses from unreliable sources which are not of any use. One should look for the level of certification provided by the course provider before choosing a financial analysis course. For our FAP course, you will receive a certification recognized by KPMG, one of the leading professional services companies on the globe. With an industry-endorsed certification, you can get a lucrative job as a financial analyst. 

Placement assistance 

One should always look for placement assistance while choosing a financial analyst course. Unreliable EdTech platforms do not offer placement assistance to young enthusiasts. At Imarticus Learning, you will receive rigorous placement assistance to kickstart your career as a financial analyst.

We have trained many enthusiasts over the years and helped them achieve their career goals. Students trained by Imarticus are currently working at esteemed organizations like Accenture, Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Infosys, Wipro, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley. After completing the FAP course, you can become any of the following in the finance industry: 

  • Asset valuation advisor 
  • Financial planner 
  • Equity research analyst 
  • Financial analyst 
  • M&A analyst 
  • Corporate finance manager 
  • Asset and wealth management associate 

Industry-related projects and case studies 

financial analyst course should have the perfect blend of experimental and conceptual learning. Many courses only focus on theoretical concepts related to financial analysis. To know about the practices of a financial analyst in the industry, you need to work on real-world projects. Our FAP course allows enthusiasts to work on several projects and refer to many case studies.

With real-world projects and case studies, you can know about the problems faced by financial analysts in the industry and how they solve them. During the FAP course, you will get to work on projects related to financial modeling, M&A pitch presentation, accounting & ratios, corporate strategy, and equity research. 

How to join the financial analysis program?

It is easy to join the FAP program and fulfill your career goals. You just have to enquire and get counseled by the admissions team of Imarticus. After counseling, you will be enrolled in the FAP program. The 13-week-long FAP program will cover several aspects of financial analysis. You can pay for the FAP course at once (10% discount for one-time payment) or break it into installments/EMI. Start your financial analysis professional course right away!

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