How I built a cyber security career for myself

Securing and Defending Digital Infrastructure: Essentials Concepts of Cybersecurity

How I built a cyber security career for myself

As the world digitalizes workplaces and becomes more virtual, cyberattacks have become a regular occurrence. The current digital revolution was expedited by COVID-19, and the year 2020 saw a number of data breaches. It is not surprising that there is a growing demand for qualified cyber security specialists given how pervasive technology has grown in our daily lives. To that end, this essay will introduce you to the best career opportunities in cyber security. 

There is a severe shortage of qualified cyber security experts who can handle the day-to-day difficulties. Consequently, taking a cybersecurity course is both challenging and worthwhile. Finding the best path career in cybersecurity is not always easy, but this article will assist you in doing so.

What are the skills required for building a career in cybersecurity?

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Given the increased need for cyber security experts around the world, let's look at how you can build your career in this field by acquiring the necessary skill set. There are a few prerequisites for a career in cybersecurity.

Bachelor's Degree 

 A bachelor's degree in a field related to cyber security is the minimum required. However, you may always enrol in a relevant cybersecurity course to get your cybersecurity career started even if you don't have the necessary degree.

Networking Knowledge

To launch and advance your career in cybersecurity, you'll also need additional skills including networking knowledge of operating systems and cloud security. Computer networking is the most important skill to have in order to operate in the field of cyber security. The Internet's foundation is networking. To launch a successful career in cyber security, you must possess a solid knowledge of networking.

System Administration

Being proficient in system administration is a further talent that will be helpful for you. Everyone is a cis administrator if you stop to consider it. Configuring and managing computers is the core of system administration. To explore all of your computer's settings and features and to experiment a little, you must be a naturally curious person. Expand your expertise by experimenting with new methods.

Operating systems and virtual machine

You need to be well-versed in operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS in order to become an ethical hacker. Linux is widely used by cyber security experts and is equipped with a number of tools. Set up virtual machines, utilise them, and experiment with them to understand how operating systems work. You'll get practical experience by doing this.

Network security control 

It is yet another fundamental ability required to become an ethical hacker. The many methods used to improve a network's security are called network security controls. It is obvious that if you don't understand how routers, firewalls, and other devices operate, you can't protect your network. Operating the IDs should allow you to see network security rules, infractions and harmful activity.

Coding Languages

You may be wondering whether programming is actually necessary to become an ethical hacker. It is true that not all cyber security experts possess or require coding abilities. But your future opportunities will be limited if you don't know how to code. Knowing a few programming languages will help you spot the strategy behind an attack and prepare yourself to counter lethal hacking techniques.


Jobs in cybersecurity range from entry-level to executive management, and all in between. Today, there are numerous paths available in cyber security. It is ideal to start at entry-level and advance to the next level with the aid of credentials and pertinent experience.

The domain of cyber security is extremely lucrative, both for freshers and experienced individuals. There is enormous growth in this sector and one can expect multiple career prospects once they join as a cyber security expert. Roles like cyber security analyst or security administrator pay extremely well. This is especially true because companies across the world are in dire need of personnel skilled in cyber security. 

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