How Fintech Moved Successfully from Normal to Pandemic New Normal?

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Fintech was expected to earn great profits in the year 2020. Unexpectedly, due to global pandemic, a paradigm shift could be seen in the functioning of fintech all over the globe.

Although it hasn't been an easy task for many companies to survive in these testing times, the brighter side shows that for some industries, this scenario has proven to be a bit beneficial.

Unlike other sectors or industries where daily operations used to take place manually, fintech is web-based and does not require any physical interaction. This has been the sole reason that has worked in the favour of fintech in such challenging times.

The successful shift of fintech during the new normal

There are specifically some sectors where fintech operations have accelerated. Some of the positives are discussed below:

  • Continual functioning of Banking Sector

Out of all the industries, banking has been the only one that functioned without any disruption. However tough the times were, banks functioned and transactions took place.

Banking and FinanceIt has widely been seen that people have very positively accepted fintech as their new normal. Unlike the usual times where people used to visit banks for even their balance inquiries, people nowadays have gained trust in the applications and portals under fintech.

Some companies worked without involving cash transactions and only accepted digital money. Usage of portals like PayPal gained popularity during the pandemic.

  • Ease in Regulations

This time has proven somewhat beneficial for fintech as there are many organizations which have adopted the policy of cashless transactions. Considering this, the government and the authorities may lower the regulations that are imposed on the fintech companies for their collaboration with these aspiring organizations.

By working hand in hand, directly or indirectly there is going to be a surge in the usage of fintech tools.

  • Retaining Cash

Considering the current scenario, people have nurtured the habit of keeping cash reserves with them. In such a situation, they tend to make use of fintech companies whether they are in favour of it or not.

banking and FinanceTo illustrate, earlier many amazon orders were booked with cash on delivery but people want to have their limited cash reserves with them and hence are paying online.

  • Dip in the number of lenders

Owing to coronavirus widespread, many money lending companies have restricted the lending capacity considering the current scenario of non-payment by the existing borrowers. They claim to restart lending activities with the uplifting of the coronavirus restrictions. In such a situation, fintech corporations are still operating widely in the market and people can borrow some money using fintech.

Not only the money, but fintech has also collaborated with various big and small companies for providing emergency and necessity items to the people. People, on the other hand, have accepted the involvement of fintech corporations in their day to day operations and they are satisfied by that to a great extent too.


With a great demand for fintech in the present world, a stable and rewarding fintech career can be planned by gaining professional knowledge and fintech training through renowned institutions like Imarticus. One must always grab the opportunity as it comes your way.

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