How Does Our Financial Analyst Program Help You?

Financial Analysis Program

As many of you know we are almost half way through our current IFAP - Imarticus Financial Analyst Programme and have opened enrollments for the next. But what is our IFAP programme and how does it help you? Who is it targeted towards and why should you take it?

Why was it Created?

The Imarticus Financial Analyst Program (IAFAP) was designed keeping in mind the gap that veteran Investment Bankers felt was missing in their analysts tool kit. Our management team interviewed a number of Investment Bankers, Equity Research Analysts and Corporate Finance professionals to find out what was missing in their new trainees. Why did so many people fail Investment Banking interviews? Why did they know so little about the art of valuation or how to create useful and informative power point presentations .
Unlike the US and the UK where fresh graduates have to undergo rigorous training sponsored by their respective regulatory boards, there is no such course in India. And even then, graduates don't learn how to create effective financial models. So the management of Imarticus put their heads together and created a curriculum that would not only focus on theory but put significant emphasis on applying that theory by creating pitches, understanding modeling and being able to write a full fledged Equity Research Report.
Reshma Krishnan, an Investment Banker who used to work for Avendus Capital, a leading Indian Investment Bank and now an IFAP trainer says, 'The IFAP course gives the analyst serious competitive edge the moment he or she applies for an Investment Banking job and even after. The learning curve becomes much shorter which allows the analyst to add value to the projects rather than being taught how to use comparables to value a company or where to find those comparables.'

Who does it target?

  • The IFAP program is useful for anyone who wants a career in the financial services industry be it Investment Banking, Equity Research, Securities Trading or Corporate Finance
  • It is complementary to a CA or a CFA certificate as it focuses on the skills required for the job at hand be it M&A or Equity Research.
  • It is perfect for someone who wants to brush up for a round of interviews at an Investment Bank
  • Great for a Commerce or BBA graduate that wants to join the workforce right after a graduate degree to get useful work experience
  • Internships at Investment Banks are extremely competitive and the IFAP course will give any intern an edge to succeed at an internship

Our Curriculum

Details of the curriculum are on the website but in short it comprises a mixture of knowledge and soft skills which include excel training, communication, business writing and presentation skills. We will do a detailed post on the curriculum next week.

The following Back to Basics blog posts will give you a good idea on the IFAP landscape and the general theory guiding the program but it's the softer skills that give you the edge like Advanced Excel and Power point training and actual modules that use real life collateral to understand how Investment Banking pitches are really made. Over the next week we will take you through the softer aspects of all our programs and the reason we believe Imarticus courses are so successful in changing the careers of our students.

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