How Do You Prepare For A Financial Analyst Intern Interview?

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An internship is an important experience for any student. It helps the student get clarity on what the field is about, and also gives a little experience before a full-time job. If you are a student of finance, internships can help shape your preferences. There are many options when it comes to finance-related internships since finance is the backbone of any business. You can get an edge on recent graduates, based on the internship you choose. Keep in mind the following factors before you apply and sit for a financial analyst intern interview.

Choosing the right company
If you do not have prior work experience, applying for an internship can be difficult at a reputed company. But do not worry. The company will not expect you to demonstrate an expert knowledge. However, they will expect you to know something about the company’s finances and business models. You can prepare for the interview by learning about the company properly beforehand.

Look for company analyst reports, along with the latest quarterly and annual reports. Check for any public information on the company as well, such as press releases and economic news articles. You can also check how the stock has performed in the last year, and whether it is making a profit or not.

Keep a track on the company heads and important financial staff, including the CEO of the company. You can also prepare some questions to ask the interviewer, which can help build a good opinion for you.

Trends in the finance industry
It is important to know about the industry in which you are thinking of making a career. Read up on the latest industry trends. Stay informed on the performance of the company, as compared to its competitors. It may be useful to follow up on the brand image of the company due to its advertisement campaigns. There may be some important technologies or recent trends which the company works on, and are interesting for you.

Mention your experience with the finances and technologies that you may have worked on in the past. Remember companies are always on the lookout for people who fit well into its system. This may help you to land a full-time job after your internship with the same company.

Prepare for the interview
Be ready to explain why you are interested in an internship with the company. You may also be asked why you are interested in a career in finance, about your specific interests, and how the internship can help further your career. Explain how you always have been interested in the field. Talk about stocks and bond markets and their basics. You can also take up a Financial Analyst Course and brush up the relevant concepts.

The financial analyst certification would definitely help you in the long run in your career. You can also check the price of the company’s stock on the day of the interview.

On the day of the interview, make sure to be on time. Preferably, you should reach some time before the interview. Maintain personal grooming and dress accordingly to the dress code that is being followed in the company. Most financial companies have a formal dress code usually but do check with the HR or receptionist before going for the interview. During the interview, try to answer the questions as precisely and directly as possible.

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