How Can I Become a Financial Analyst Online?

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The Role of a Financial Analyst

A financial analyst is one of the most lucrative career options for people pursuing a career in the field of finance. Financial analyst plays a key role in the day to day functioning of financial firms.

The role of a financial analyst in the age of data is very diverse and involves complex financial planning and analysis for companies. They help firms to make well-informed decisions by using their financial acumen. People working as financial analysts are required to produce reports using financial data.

Financial analysts also help to project future revenue and expenses that help to determine the budget for new projects that the firm is planning to undertake. The job description of financial analysts typically entails analyzing historical and current stats, identifying trends, assessing financial performance, preparing financial reports and communicating with important stakeholders, exploring new profitable investment avenues, developing financial models, building policies that will help to achieve financial growth, etc.

What Does it Take?

Now that we know the roles and responsibilities of financial analysts, let’s understand what it takes to become a financial analyst. Having a Bachelor’s degree in economics, mathematics, stats, and accountancy is a good way to step into the finance industry for the role of an analyst.  The ability to identify trends and data patterns is a crucial skill that one needs to become successful as a financial analyst. A Bachelor’s degree also forms the part of minimum education requirement needed for the role of a financial analyst.

A Bachelor’s degree is sufficient for most of the positions but some roles might require the candidates to have a Master’s degree in a relevant field, for example, Masters in Business Administration in Finance. One can even opt for highly specialised certification like the Chartered Financial Analyst program; it provides a holistic learning experience by focusing on core financial subjects like equity, portfolio management, corporate finance, alternative investments, ethics, etc.

Some of the key skills needed to become a successful financial analyst include analytical skills, quantitative acumen, detail-oriented, basic knowledge of financial software, interpersonal and communication skills.

Becoming a Financial Analyst Online

We are living in an era where internet technology has made it possible to avail the benefits of the real world virtually using our smart devices. Technology-based industries like Ed-tech and Fin-tech industries are booming constantly. Data has revolutionized the world around us and the finance industry is no exception. This evolution within the finance industry has led to increasing demand for financial analysts who can make sense of the complex financial data and help the firm with future growth and revenue projections.

The growth in the Ed-tech industry has made it possible for aspirants to learn and become financial analysts online. You can choose from a range of online financial analysis courses and certifications that provides a comprehensive understanding of the subject and imparts relevant practical knowledge and skills required to do the job.

We at Imarticus Learning offer best financial analysis course online that will help you achieve your dream of becoming a financial analyst. Our placement assistance team will provide you with the ideal platform to launch your career through resume building sessions, mock interviews, mentorship and interview preparation. Our team will also work towards finding you interview opportunities, as well as thoroughly prepare you prior to every interview.

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