How big data and AI have revolutionized the world of banking and finance

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Are you thinking about what after B. Com? Well, you can go for an online course to build new-age careers in banking and finance. The job roles in the finance and banking industry have changed a lot due to the introduction of new-age technologies. Technologies like AI and big data have given rise to new-age careers in banking and finance.

Before you start building a career in the banking and finance industry, you should know the role of new-age technologies. Read on to know five ways how AI and big data have revolutionized the banking and finance industry.

  • Risk analysis

AI and big data are used in the banking/finance industry for risk assessment. Besides providing financial services, banks must assess the risks associated with each client/customer. For example, before giving credit cards to customers, banks must analyze their loan repayment capacities. There is a plethora of customer data that needs to be analyzed for risk assessment. AI algorithms can scrap customer data from various sources and assess the risks associated with each customer. Banks are using AI to reduce human errors during risk assessment that can cost them more in the future.

  • Fraud prevention

Many criminals and money launderers target financial institutions to clean their black money. Money laundering increases the financial risks for banks and hampers their reputation. It is not possible to detect frauds in real-time with manual efforts. It is where AI comes into the picture for fraud prevention.

AI algorithms for big data analysis can identify the change in customers’ financial behavior. If anything seems off track, AI can help in identifying it in real-time. An AI-led fraud detection system can learn more about customer behaviors with time.

  • Recordkeeping

Banks are involved in financial statement preparation at frequent intervals. Human errors are bound to occur during financial statement preparation. Also, huge chunks of data are generated by banks and financial institutions.

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It is essential to store the data and analyze it for market insights. An AI-led analysis platform can not only help you with record-keeping but also with real-time analysis. AI can prepare most of the financial statements without any manual effort. The employees of financial institutions can focus on important chores, while record keeping can be done with the help of AI.


  • Personalized financial services


The banking landscape is more competitive than ever in 2021. To survive amidst the high competition, financial institutions try to launch customer-centric services. There is a need to analyze customer preferences and trends for providing personalized financial services. With big data analysis, financial institutions can know about the spending habits of customers.

Based on customer behavior, financial services can be launched. Big data analysis is also used by banks to understand the pain points of their customers. Once the pain point is known, financial service is created to solve it. A financial institution can build better relationships with its customers via big data analytics.


  • Enhanced compliance


Financial institutions must follow several regulations imposed by the respective government. Upon failing to meet the compliance standards, business continuity can be hampered. Big data analysis can help in meeting compliance goals. If you are still wondering what after B. Com, you need to go for the NMIMS online MBA offered by Imarticus Learning. 


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