How are Derivatives Changing Markets?

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Gone are the days when people had only limited securities to invest in. At present, there are many trading options available to investors. Many investors rely on investment banks to pick the right financial instruments to invest in. Many times, an investment bank itself engages in the trading of financial instruments.

Among all the financial instruments available for trading, derivatives are widely preferred around the globe. Derivates have changed the way the financial market used to work. It is why investment banks are hiring individuals that understand the derivatives markets. Read on to know the role of derivatives in changing markets.

Understanding derivatives market

A derivatives market consists of several financial instruments that can be traded. It usually consists of several types of financial contracts whose value is based on other assets. A group of assets can also determine the value of any particular derivative. A derivative can be traded from a dealer or on the stock exchange.

By placing a bet on the future price of any financial instrument, investors can earn huge rewards. The exchange of derivatives on the stock exchange is governed by a set of regulations. Unlike the stock exchange, the trade of derivatives via dealers is usually unorganized. While exchanging derivatives can provide huge returns, it also possesses several risks.

Derivatives markets have not been around forever. In India, the early 2000s saw the introduction of the derivatives market. Since the underlying assets that determine the value of derivatives are shares, currency, etc., it is easy for investors to place their money. The derivatives market is full of risks but still attracts many investors due to high returns.

If you are to learn investment banking, you should know about the derivatives market that is disrupting traditional markets for financial instruments. Many investors are protecting themselves from market volatility at present by investing in derivatives. 

Who are the participants in a derivative market?

The participants that indulge in a derivative market are as follows:

  • Hedgers: Hedgers invest in the exchange market with a motive to protect themselves from price volatility. It is why hedgers choose derivatives to protect themselves from any future price changes. 
  • Speculators: Speculators invest in any financial instrument that will be of great value in the future. A great amount of risk is involved in speculation as you need to predict which financial instruments will be of huge value. 
  • Arbitrageurs: When price volatility occurs for any financial instrument, arbitrageurs step up to make profits. Arbitrageurs usually wait for a price difference to arise between two different markets and make profits out of it. 
  • Margin traders: Margin traders usually rely on collateral for trading financial instruments. They have to provide the counterparty with collateral for trading financial instruments. It is done to cover the credit risk that can arise while trading financial instruments.

These participants can invest in several types of derivatives. If you are looking to build an investment banking career, you should know about the type of derivatives and how to trade them. You can go for an investment banking online program to learn more about the derivatives market.

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