Diploma in finance management: Correlation and Diversification

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Are you interested in banking courses and want to specialize in a subject that focuses on the financial management system at the organizational level? Then a Diploma in Financial Management might be the perfect way to your dream job. 

Pupils who excel in commerce and planning the organizational budget structure can choose this Financial Risk Management course. Imarticus Learning has come up with a Post Graduate Diploma in Management with a specialization choice in FinTech and Artificial Intelligence & Data Science.

The course is well-structured with subjects like managing the reporting system and financial accounting of a company, calculation, and evaluation for cost reduction chances. This article will help you get a comprehensive understanding of Financial Management and the use of Correlation and Diversification in finance.

What is Finance Management?

Financial management consists of strategic organizing, controlling, planning, and directing financial undertakings in any business entity or organization. It is also used in fiscal management and involves management principles to the financial assets of any business. Some of the principal objectives of financial management are: 

  • Preserving enough supply of funds 
  • Guaranteeing shareholders get satisfactory returns on their investments
  • Optimize the utilization of company funds
  • Creating safe investment opportunities for shareholders to invest

Advantages of a Diploma in Finance Management

There are many advantages of doing a certified Diploma course in Finance Management. Some of the major advantages are: 

  • It will open new avenues for you, like financial planning services, investment banking, insurance companies, brokerage firms, etc.

  • It will create a solid foundation for other educational opportunities and job-specific training programs.

  • It will give you practical knowledge that will be a headstart when you start as a sole trader or begin your own small business.

  • It will give you a better understanding of finance and help you grasp complex financial concepts.


Correlation is a statistic that gauges the extent to which two variables move concerning each other. In the financial world, correlation is used to measure how stocks move with respect to a benchmark index. However, it can only show the association between two securities, but not the reason behind the association.

Correlations are used in the finance and investment industries to create advanced portfolio management where they are computed as correlation coefficients. These coefficients must have a value between -1.0 and +1.0.

Analysts, traders, and investment managers compute the correlation between various financial securities to find an estimate of the risk reduction benefits of diversification. They mainly rely on modern software and financial spreadsheets to calculate the correlation value.


The very rudimentary step of investing is not to put all your money in one type of investment. You should plan and spread your money among different investment vehicles to limit the risk of facing loss. This strategy of risk management is known as diversification.

A diversified portfolio will consist of mixed asset types to reduce risk or exposure to any single asset type. The rationale behind this strategy is that a diversified portfolio will diminish the risk of any individual holding and yield higher long-term returns. On average, the positive performance of some areas of the portfolio will outweigh the negative performance of others. 


Financial management helps business organizations in their financial planning and assists them in the acquisition, allocation, and utility of company funds. It helps them in making critical financial decisions and generating higher revenues. Take the Financial Services and Capital Markets course of Imarticus Learning for diverse career opportunities in the field of finance. 

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