Here’s the course you need to take to become a financial analyst in 2023

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Financial Analyst (FA) is one of the best jobs in the financial services industry. As Financial Analysts(FA), one needs to identify opportunities and evaluate outcomes for business decisions. They also need to build various investment strategies.

You can work as FA either in a junior or a senior capacity in a reputed financial services firm. First, you need to take a Financial Analyst course with placement. Becoming a Financial Analyst with the help of Financial Analyst training is the best way. Imarticus Learning offers a Financial Analysis Pro degree course. It aims to equip you with industry-related skills and professional knowledge about finance.

Components of the Financial Analysis Prodegree course


The Financial Analysis Pro degree course is offered in collaboration with KPMG. It is a leading management consulting and auditing firm in India. The FA course covers almost everything. It covers all the important factors, from investment banking and corporate finance to private equity. The course consists of 180 hours of professional skill development. You get the best faculty. It is a combination of theory and practical training. Out of these, 25 hours are taught by KPMG faculty.

The course offers both live and online training. You get theory and practicals. For instance, financial modelling exercises, cash flow projections, etc. Hone your Microsoft applications skills. The course covers from financial statement analysis to modelling and valuation methods, equity research and transaction execution. It offers the best industry certifications. The course can successfully launch your career prospects in the financial services industry. Interact with live faculty and get your doubts answered.

Imarticus Learning’s specialised Learning Management systems provide you with course material. Get the chance to work in various simulations. This accelerates your learning process. As part of the all-around professional development, the course offers resume building, LinkedIn profile building and mock interviews. Get mentored by industry experts. Every student has a specially appointed industry expert appointed for this purpose.

The course is specially designed in association with KPMG experts. It includes all the latest standards of learning. Their mentorships continue during your professional careers too.

Accounting and Financial Modelling

This covers accounting principles and financial analysis. It establishes the links between these. Learn to measure value creation at the firm level. Understand the financial statements of real-world companies. You can perform ratio analysis and use discounted cash flow techniques. This helps to build financial models. The course covers capital budgeting and accounting. It has all aspects of theory and practice.

Valuation and Corporate Strategy

Strategy is essential for every success. This module covers the strategic analysis processes. Also, it later covers types of decision-making processes. It helps to perform in-depth analysis and identify strategic alternatives. Get insights into strategies. Analyse the competitive forces and key players. You understand the business ecosystem more. Study business strategy using Porter’s model, SWOT analysis and the PEST model. Learn about internal analysis of the business. Study core competencies and value chain activities. Study how businesses can retain their competitive advantages.

Equity Research, Merger and Acquisitions and Job Readiness

Equity research analysts are expected to write detailed equity research reports. It includes updating financial models, company valuations, etc. During mergers and acquisitions, get details about companies under consideration. It helps you understand your candidates better. Learn the strengths and competencies. This helps you know to continue a merger or takeover situation. Create a financial model for valuation. It helps the acquiring company to understand the total budget for the merger.

The course covers other skills like excel, advanced excel, and PowerPoint presentation.


Are you someone who loves finances? Do you enjoy numbers, calculations and making math-driven predictions? The Financial Analysts course is for you. The FAP career is competitive. Thus, you need all the professional training and skills. This course helps you learn from industry experts. It offers you classes given by industry experts and stalwarts.

As Financial Analyst, you work in many work environments. You get exposure to different industry sectors. We can seize the many opportunities for advancement. Your career progresses with time after the completion of the course. This field is exciting and keeps you always on your toes. You never get bored in a high-energy work environment. Also, the course offers you good job opportunities. The chances of you getting a job with a high pay scale is high. You get your hands on modern AI and ML technologies. So, it's important to always stay updated. You need to get educated periodically.

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