Here Are the Parameters To Ensure an Open and Tokenized Market Using Cloud, Blockchain and IoT

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Technological advancements, such as Blockchain have the potential to transform the financial markets. This means, having financial processes carried out through faster digital transactions. This will be done through the tokenization of assets. The process of tokenization consists in having a digital representation of different physical assets, having a record of transactions in a distributed ledger. This has brought a set of different benefits to the market including a gain in efficiency and transparency.

Open Market Using Tokens

Tokenised commodities can democratize the access for the retail investor, expand the market to new players, increase the addressable market and eliminate the time-space barriers. Hence, markets could be open every single hour on any day of a year, accessible from every location on the planet. This will promote the entrance of a new set of investors able to fund asset classes that were unattainable previously. Thanks to Blockchain technologies, third parties are not needed in transactions, thus, the clearing processes and operations are performed rapidly and are encrypted to ensure confidentiality.

Technologies Breakthroughs

Blockchain has the potential to impact various sectors. New services creating synergies between edge technologies are expected to impact the market. One relevant example of this is the implementation of enhanced blockchain solutions using a software engineering course for IoTHaving an IoT tokenized asset opens the opportunity to every potential investor to receive benefits from any device. For instance, any manufacturer could control the information interchange using wireless devices.

Moreover, any manufacturer asset could also be funded using cryptocurrencies. Virtually any asset with a wireless connection can become a potential investment. The data collected from every device are then encrypted and saved in a blockchain-based cloud, enabling secured storage of information and a reliable ledger of transactions of every operation.

The Parameters To Ensure an Open Market

The main parameters in markets are related to risk. Hence, we could say volatility and price of the currency are relevant indicators. Additionally, the acceptance and adoption of these emerging markets are crucial to increasing their values.

Due to the novelty of this technology, it still lacks a regulated framework. The informality of the market wrapped up with a limited set of suspicious early adopters, the high cost related to mining, and other scalability problems, have resulted in a very volatile tokenized market. Consequently, any further development of the technology is highly uncertain.

Having synergies with different technologies, such as cloud engineering and IoT, offer real opportunities to improve the tokens’ perception and performance. On the one hand, cloud solutions, as an added layer, can help to overcome the high costs of mining, facilitating the scalability of the process. On the other hand, IoT assets can be used to retrieve information and distribute benefits easily to investors.

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