Fundamentals: What does a Business Analysis Plan Contain?

A Business Analysis Plan is a document that contains information about the business analysis process. A plan usually starts with a problem statement and then outlines solutions, research findings, and recommendations for improvements.

This blog post aims to understand what comprises a typical business analysis plan by providing an example of one. In addition, we'll explore how these plans are beneficial for businesses both large and small alike. So let's get started!

  1. The first and most important part of a Business Analysis Plan is the problem statement. The problem statement answers the following question: What is currently happening in your company that you would like to be different? For example, you work at an e-commerce store called Amazon, and one of our problems is slow checkout processes. A reason for this could be that servers cannot handle all of the traffic you get during peak hours. So, the problem statement might look something like this: "The checkout process takes too long at's peak hours."
  2. The next section is called proposed solutions. It is where you would state how you plan to resolve the problems outlined in the previous step. Possible things that include here are additional servers or changes to existing systems. If you wanted to add more servers, one solution might be to ask another company to provide extra computing power during peak hours through an implemented cloud system.
  3. The third section is called research findings, and it should include details about the project's environment. This information will help you and others better understand the state of the business analyst training involved with your analysis work. Imagine that you have a company called IKEA, and their customers are families looking to furnish their homes.To better determine customers' problems, research findings could include customer interviews where they asked them questions about their home decorating habits and any challenges faced when furnishing their homes. This information then allows you to create a plan that caters more directly to your customers' wants.
  4. The next section is potential solutions which include possible approaches for finding optimal solutions. You might want to consider creating high-level solutions for each problem is solved. For example, if you are looking to improve the checkout process at Amazon, some potential solutions would be implementing an online chat service, adding more servers, or having employees work overnight shifts.
  5. The final part is called the implementation plan, which includes details on how your solution(s) deployed and the expected outcome after implementation is complete. It should describe how your solution addresses the problems outlined in Step 1 and any other benefits customers could experience from using a said solution.

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