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Financial management refers to dealing with the financial aspects of an organisation with the aim of attaining the maximum profit and stability for the organisation. Analysis, risk management, budgeting, etc., are a few components associated with financial management. A Financial Services and Capital Markets course can be highly beneficial for the learners as it can provide an in-depth understanding of the different aspects of financial markets. 

However, the financial industry has undergone an immense change in the past few years, especially with the advent of digitisation. This has also brought about a change in the curriculum of courses that deal with financial markets. This article discusses how IIM Lucknow’s Advanced Financial Management Program in Financial Services and Capital Markets is at par with the current trends and requirements. 

Changing Trends in the Financial Markets

The financial markets had to resort to using technology to retain their position and function smoothly. Mentioned below are some of the changes that have occurred in the financial markets:

  • Mobile banking has become more popular.
  • Digital payments have greatly replaced conventional payment modes. 
  • Digital currencies, Bitcoin being the most popular among them all, have gained prominence.

Based on these changes, the curricula of the financial market management courses have also been upgraded, keeping in mind the requirements of the modern-day financial markets. 

Ditching the Conventional Classroom Setup 

advanced program in financial services and capital markets

In this fast-paced world, once you start earning, it might not be possible for you to quit your job and opt for an offline course that will be conducted in a brick-and-mortar set-up. In such a case, an online programme such as the Financial Services and Capital Markets course can be of immense help. The course comprises live lectures that one can attend from the comfort of his house or his workspace. There are case studies that will help you see the real-time implementation of the theoretical learnings that you acquire during the course. The best thing about this IIM Lucknow Advanced Management Course in Financial Services and Capital Markets is that it comes with placement support!

The Financial Market Management Course for Modern Times 

The course curriculum is divided into four modules, namely Primer (Corporate Finance and Accounting), Investment and Corporate Banking, Capital Markets (Research Sales and Trading), and Risk and Fintech. Your learning will be backed by a number of case studies which will help you develop a practical understanding of everything you have learnt in the course.

The six-day campus immersion program is a cherry on the cake as it provides the learners with an excellent opportunity to network and indulge in peer learning. Upon successfully completing the course, learners will receive a certificate from IIM Lucknow. All these things make this one of the best IIM Lucknow finance courses to opt for. 

The Course Stresses on the Use of Technology in Financial Markets

“Fintech,” the short form of financial technology, deals in the technologies that have been developed to ensure the ease of carrying out financial transactions. As has been mentioned above in the article, digitisation has brought about a number of changes in the finance industry in the form of mobile transactions, cryptocurrency, etc.

The finance industry is also witnessing an increased use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for managing assets, dealing in blockchain-based finance, credit rating and underwriting, and so on. This not only helps to improve efficiency and slash costs but also improves the quality of the services that are provided to the customers. Therefore, the present-day courses in financial markets focus on the importance of the different technologies that are being used in the financial market. 


This IIM Lucknow course equips the learners with the right set of skills and knowledge that will enable them to troubleshoot the problems related to finance and ensure a healthy financial position of an organisation. The course curriculum has been designed in a way that will take 126 hours to complete. This includes 36 hours (6 days) of on-campus learning at IIM Lucknow. In a nutshell, the course will offer you a holistic experience that will add weight to your curriculum vitae.

A course in financial management will open up a myriad of career opportunities. Based on your interest and expertise, you can choose a career in real estate, financial analysis, economics, accounting, investment banking, and so on. Such courses will also help you aim for a higher position in any organisation. Therefore, if you are good with numbers and you are looking forward to having a fast-paced career that will help you succeed with leaps and bounds, an online IIM-L Financial Services and Capital Markets course is the right choice for you!

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