Everything - A Full-Stack Web Developer Should Know

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Everything - A Full-Stack Web Developer Should Know

How difficult our lives would have been without the Internet! Within a fraction of seconds, we get the answers to our most difficult questions. The rapid advancement of technology has made it possible to access the internet anywhere through a plethora of means. The websites that we use in our day-to-day life are built by web developers and website designers. It is through the hard work of these dedicated, talented professionals that we are able to access various websites and extract desired information. They indeed are the ‘lifeblood’ of the internet.

The job of a web developer is vital, thus they possess multitudinous skills depending upon what needs to be developed. There are different types of developers like a mobile developers, and game developers. The core developers are the front end and the back end, developers. All these developers possess certain special skill sets.

The summation of both front end and back end is a full stack web developer. To know more about them, read on.

Who is a Full-Stack Web Developer?

As wisely quoted by ‘Eric An’ in his blog in ‘Career Foundry’, “ A full stack web developer has all the keys to the house, there is no door that you cannot open.” A full-stack web developer is someone who is able to work on both the front-end and back-end sections of an application. Front-end generally refers to the portion of an application the user will interact with, and the back-end handles the logic, database interactions, server configuration, etc.

What should a good Full-Stack Web Developer know?

There are few skills a full-stack developer should possess:

Front End skills :

  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) – This is the skeleton of a website.
  • CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) – This language is used for describing the presentation of a document written in HTML.
  • Javascript – The programming language of HTML and web.

Back End skills:

  • Php (Hypertext Preprocessor): A widely used server-side scripting language
  • Python: A general – purpose versatile programming language.
  • Node.js – This programming language runs on various platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.)
  • MySQL (Structured Query Language) – It is an open source relational database management system.

It’s also good to know how to work directly with a Linux server. In addition, a full stack web developer should also learn to use some additional tools such as:

  • Git Version Control- It is an open source version control system.
  • GulpJS – It is a streaming build system, by using node’s streams file manipulation is all done in memory, and a file isn’t written until you tell it to do so.

It takes years of rich practical experience to earn their laurels as good full stack developers.

Looks like your cup of tea? If not, you may like to change your mind and enlighten yourself by being a part of Full Stack Developer courses. In addition to this, you can also watch the Full Stack Developer tutorials.

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