Emerging markets: India and the pyramid of opportunities in Investment Banking and Fintech post MBA

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Fintech and investment banking (IB) are the domains that are booming these days. Fintech is reinventing the way regular operations in some major businesses happen. Along with it, due to its vast operationality in every sector, it also offers numerous job opportunities.

On the other hand, investment banking is booming because of changing market trends and the merger and acquisition solutions that are required to solve them. IB also provides restructuring advisory and helps establish connections among clients, investors, and lenders. 

Further, fintech and IB are leading when it comes to job opportunities in India. Considering this, it is the golden time to do an MBA in fintech or an MBA in investment banking for people who want to get ahead in their careers. Imarticus Learnings offers an MBA in fintech course with JAIN online MBA. These will not only hone your skills but also give you a tremendous amount of exposure. Here we are going to take a look at the job opportunities in both these fields in detail. Keep reading... 

Applications of Fintech 

There are a lot of ways in which fintech helps companies grow. So, here is a list of the major fields where fintech graduates are high in demand:


  • Data science: Data scientists are high in demand these days. They help firms out in ways that are hard to beat. 


  • Technology services: As technology is the backbone of the fintech industry, there are a lot of areas where this course comes in to help. This is why there are lots of opportunities for the same here.
  • Operations: There are roles in the field that require in-depth market knowledge, and management and communicative skills. Fintech graduates come to good help in these situations and are in very much demand.
  • Information security and risk management: As fintech in some aspects quite similar to regular financial services, things like information security are highly prioritized. This is why experts in this field are in demand.
  • Customer service: Fintech graduates are hired regularly to help solve some serious issues and make things run smoother.

Other than these, the IT sector, HR departments, legal, finance, and procurement teams are fields where there are tremendous opportunities for fintech graduates.

Opportunities in Investment Banking

There are a few major roles that MBA in investment banking graduates perform and are in high demand. 

  • Analysts: Their job is to create pitch books, i.e. a slide deck of recommendations to suggest to clients. They also perform live deals.
  • Associates: They work for VPs, SVPs, and even MDs. While analysts arrange the underlying materials, associates check the accuracy and quality of the work.
  • VPs: They lead the execution of a deal and work as a link between seniors and juniors.
  • SVPs: They are MDs in the making as long as they prove that they can bring in new business. 
  • MD: They are responsible for generating deals that pay for the salaries and bring in new businesses.


As a lot of domestic and international fintech and IB companies are opening up their businesses in India, the job demand is supposed to climb off the charts from next year. Prepare for it now with Imarticus Learnings' MBA in fintech program in collaboration with JAIN online MBA.

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