Education Gets a Virtual Upgrade

India as a country has always been lauded for the educational geniuses it is known to churn out. We have a number of highbrow intellectuals, working in the most sophisticated of places, both in the country and abroad to prove the same. This seems to be the result of the efficient concoction, of the importance given to education and the corresponding mushrooming of classes for every sub field. While the upside has extremely lucrative careers, magnificent laurels throughout, the downside to it is the very popular, single degree disdain syndrome and the crude commercialization of business.
The fear of getting stuck in a dead end job and the anxiety that comes attached to it is pushing the youth today towards this new herd mentality. The job market is gradually transforming into a place where the most polished CV is able to bid for the most lucrative, high reaching job of them all. Students, today feel the pressing need to upgrade their resume by opting for courses, providing them with multiple degrees, thus bringing them one step closer to that dream job. Because of this, there are scores and scores of students checking out various master degree courses, attempting multiple advanced aptitude tests at once, to acquire that seat in a prestigious college.
For colleges, it seems to be a win-win kind of situation as they not only charge these master degree courses exorbitantly, but also give themselves a very formidable reputation by setting the cut off to a grade, and quite high might we add, which would only allow students with extraordinary educational skills.
Digitalization has taken the whole world by storm lately and no field, including the field of education has been spared. Earlier it was just at a primary level, where students would prefer the virtual world to their school or college libraries, for skill enhancement, when it came to delivering exceptional projects. There have been numerous debates, which have gone to expose the simplest of differences among the simple way of teaching and learning online. With many trendy ways of learning online springing up daily, the industry of virtual learning has surely seen a bloom. Education online is no longer confined to just innovative videos, but there has also been a huge breakthrough, which would take higher education to new heights. With prestigious universities offering online masters and post graduate courses, nothing has changed in terms of the fees. These institutes going online and being comparatively more effective does not reflect in a more useful offering.
The scenario is also changing quite a bit on the home front in India, with many institutes offering similar courses online, all over the country. Imarticus Learning is an education institute, with the goal to bridge the gap between academics and industry. They have been making efforts to provide courses, which are not only industry endorsed but are also driven by professionals, with considerable experience from the field of finance and analytics. Their exceptional online programs, have experienced quite a bit of success, the highlight of which are the live webinars conducted by instructors. These most popular of their online courses are the Certified Financial Modelling & Valuation course, Certification in SAS and R Programming. Imarticus is a cut above the rest due to the fact, these online courses provide every bit the similar training a mainstream classroom course would. This allows students to choose their method of studying finance courses such as Financial Modeling & Valuation or Investment Banking, or analytics courses such as SAS & R Programming or Data Science. Imarticus is looking at expanding more of their popular classroom programs to the online platform.

Data Science Course

The candidates can take these course while they are working, and pace it according to their own. Their online courses also let the candidates avail the services of a 24x7 online portal and take the benefit of career guidance from the best in the industry. These comprehensive, short term programs, which equip candidates with the necessary skill set for careers in fields such as Data Science, Data Analytics, Investment Banking, and Equity and so on. These programs are one such example of successful career solutions for a changing world, perfectly designed to bridge the gap between quality education and affordability.

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